Admin & Support Assistant

We're seeking a full time admin & customer suppot assistant to help with a variety of work.


Role: Admin Assistant & Customer Support for a SaaS company

Location: Anywhere, but preferred closed to Australian timezone

Who you are: Exceptional, organized, self-motivated, problem solver


If you’re tired of reading about the same old assistant positions and looking for something a bit different, we’re glad you found us.

We’re about as far from being an enterprise company (in both size and culture) as you can get.

Instead of following orders, you’ll build a deep understanding of what drives our customers, and push back on things if you think we’re doing something dumb or going in the wrong direction. You will work directly with our founders, and your ideas will directly shape the company.

In Slack, we love seeing what cool stuff you get up to outside of work and your favorite awful dad jokes, if that’s your thing.

We were 100% remote before it was cool (~2014), and with that comes the freedom to set your own hours and adjust them when life gets in the way. The team is spread around the world, but the founders are based in Brisbane, Australia.

Here’s what one of our longest developer team members had to say, when asked why he likes working with us: 

“Amazing team, zero toxicity, low stress, remote since when that was not mainstream, freedom in time and space, zero tolerance to bullshit like micromanagement and pointless meetings”

You’ll be joining at an exciting time. We’ve found an amazing product-market fit in the accounting space (which, believe it or not, is full of cool, tech-forward people). People tell us that Content Snare has been a game-changer for their firms.

Ok, with all that out of the way, let’s get into the actual role:

What you’ll do

This role is somewhere between an assistant and customer support. 

On the assistant side, you’ll follow some existing processes, create new ones, and occasionally do some research. On the support side, you’ll help our existing team to keep on top of customer questions.

Assistant work:

  • Content management - process blog posts, case studies, templates and other content to get them live on our site
  • Simple social media - posting simple updates and reposting content using special tools
  • Reports - check in on analytics tools once in a while to report your findings, and occasionally migrate data between tools
  • Research - dig into just about anything, like upcoming events, customer industries, flights, accommodation and more
  • Coordinate - ensure tasks that are assigned to external agencies and contractors are progressing 
  • Update or create processes - when you notice that something could be communicated better
  • Various other tasks - one-off things come up from time to time

Support work:

  • Answer questions - You’ll answer customer questions quickly and succinctly as possible. If you don’t know the answer, you’ll try different things to see if you can work it out. You may even include screenshots and video if necessary. All of this via Intercom. 
  • Delight customers - Every customer interaction should be pleasant, make them happier and inspire confidence in us and the product. You’ll help customers get the most from their purchase. 
  • Suggest ideas & log feedback - You’ll be on the front lines and hear every idea, problem & question that customers have. If you notice patterns, you’ll have the freedom to suggest product improvements or even website changes to help customers understand the product better.
  • Become a product expert - You’ll know your way around every part of the product and quickly become a master of why clients use Content Snare.
  • Inbox management - Every day you’ll smash goals by clearing out the support inbox to make sure no customers are left waiting

Who you are

Here’s what we’re looking for. These are things we cannot train you for. You’ve either “got it” or you don’t. We can train you on the rest.

  • Exceptional - You stand out. You’re passionate. You have an awesome attitude and the people around you think you’re a positive person who helps others.
  • Understanding – You are empathetic and can put yourself in other people’s shoes to communicate in a way that they can understand.
  • Self-motivated & reliable - You show up every day with a great attitude and can work independently & remotely.
  • Organized - You’re able to manage your time, keep on top of your productivity and enjoy the satisfaction of completing all of your tasks.
  • Problem solver - It’s not always obvious how each task should be approached. You’ll work out what you need to do and follow through with a well thought-out solution.
  • Communicator – You’re great at both written and verbal communication – in your writing and with our team.

In your application, let us know how you exhibit these qualities.

What’s in it for you

  • 100% remote
  • A small, fun team
  • Autonomy & flexibility
  • Having your opinions and ideas valued
  • Working with people who are highly supportive, very knowledgeable, and are always willing to share their experience and expertise
  • 3 weeks paid vacation

About Content Snare

The product

You might be wondering what we actually do. 

Content Snare is a SaaS that helps people collect information from clients. Think of something like Typeform with autosaving and automatic reminders. This is overly simplistic, but a pretty good base.

Our customers are tired of chasing clients for information, and lose a ridiculous amount of time going back and forth over email. They’re typically using a combination of email, Google Drive and spreadsheets. Or a client portal that looks like it was made in 2003. 

Content Snare helps them get all the stuff they need from clients in one place. This is often a game-changer for their business. It’s not uncommon to hear new customers say “where have you been all my life”.

Right now it’s helping people collect over 150,000 items from their clients every month.

A lot of time is invested in making sure the product is easy to use (by just about anyone), secure and fast. 

We hope you’ll enjoy helping our customers as much as we do.

How to apply

Apply via this form