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By Jessica Malnik - March 2, 2021 - No Comments

7 tips for hiring a project manager in your web design agency

7 tips for hiring a project manager in your web design agency

Hiring a project manager can help you build a more efficient and resilient agency. In this post, we’re sharing seven tips to help you hire a great project manager.

By Sara Bussandri - January 19, 2021 - No Comments

25 of the best agency websites of 2020

25 of the best agency websites of 2020

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some of the best agency websites from design and digital marketing agencies.

By Sara Bussandri - March 12, 2021 - No Comments

How to improve client communication in your business

client communication

Here are a few tools and tips on how you can improve client communication to create better relationships.

By Krista Rae - August 11, 2020 - No Comments

How To Host A Profitable Virtual Summit

Virtual Summit

You’ve made it to a place in your business where you feel pretty successful. You’ve got the sales you need coming in, your email list grows slowly (but it does the job), and you have a couple of strong connections in your industry. All the initial goals you set when you started your business? Check! … Read more

By Content Snare Team - June 28, 2020 - No Comments

How to Create an Efficient Client Information Sheet

Client Information Sheet

Is your client’s information all over the place? Do you feel like you’re constantly about to blow a deadline because you simply don’t know where anything is? You know your client told you an important piece of information but you have no idea where you put it. Could it be in an email? Written down somewhere on an actual piece of paper? On an Excel sheet?
Keeping track of all the details and information you receive as a business can be tough. After all, there are so many communication channels out there. Odds are you’re writing emails, making phone calls, having in-person meetings, and more. So, what is the solution to all of this? Get organized – and that starts with an efficient client information form.


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