The Smart, Stress-Free way for High-Performing Digital Agencies to Gather Content and Avoid Delays. Get Organised and Ditch Email.

Content Snare helps you complete more projects, hit more deadlines, and spend more time on the most important parts of your business. It’s organised content and asset collection without the mind-numbing back and forth emails, tiresome follow up, messy hacked together systems and confusing shared docs.

No Catches. No Credit Card Required.
Just a Lot Less Stress.

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Ready to make building high ROI digital campaigns and websites a whole lot easier?

Content Snare makes collecting content and assets incredibly easy…

14 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.


Above all else, with Content Snare in place, you and your team can run more efficiently, you can get projects finished in record time and have everyone saying "OMG how did we ever live without this?!

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Forever chasing digital content and manually onboarding clients? We feel you…

You’re in the business of building high ROI digital campaigns and high-converting websites. 

But having to decipher manuscript-length email chains, manually onboard clients and chase missing assets drains your productivity and is no one's idea of a smooth client experience.

One single piece of content or forgotten asset can bring your entire project to a screeching halt. Sure, you do your best to keep things moving. But there are only so many “just checking in” emails you can send to get what you need.

When you’re caught in this chaos, 5-week deadlines turn into 5 months. Invoices go unpaid. Client onboarding takes longer than it should. And it’s next to impossible to bring on the extra clients you’d like.


Build more effective campaigns: Stop chasing content and make it come to you

Content Snare transforms the way you gather content and assets. Turning a tangled mess into a smooth end-to-end process that streamlines digital campaigns, website creation and client onboarding.

Intuitive and dead simple to use, it’s your single source of truth. Add a whole new level of structure to your projects by planning, requesting and approving content and assets in one place quickly, simply and accurately. 

Give your clients mistake-proof instructions and your team an easy way to organize project assets, then enjoy liberating freedom from chasing content. No matter the scale of your campaign, scope of your website development, or number of stakeholders involved.

Are you ready to stop chasing content and make it come to you?

14 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Are you ready to free up your time?

14 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Happy clients are repeat clients who spread the word to all their business pals (like you need reminding…)

It’s not just your life Content Snare makes easier and less stressful. When clients have an amazing experience, you know they’ll happily keep paying a monthly retainer or be back for their next project – and spread the word to others.

That means more revenue, more clients and faster growth, just by being more organized, efficient and professional than all the other agencies out there.

On a scale of 1 (Zen-like peace) to 10 (homicidal rage) how frustrating is content collation and communication for you and your team right now?

If you’re like most digital agencies that depend on large amounts of content from clients, you likely hover around the 7 mark – with frequent trips into the rage-filled 9 and 10 range.

Content Snare helps you find your content Zen. You’re welcome.

Here's how...

A day in the life BEFORE Content Snare

Every project begins with multiple content requests and hand-holding client onboarding, but your unstructured process leaves your client confused and dumbfounded from the start (and it only gets worse)…

Your team wastes entire mornings and afternoons emailing back and forth with a client trying to explain what’s needed…

You try and hack together different tools like Dropbox and Google Drive and collecting content becomes a fulltime job for you or a member of your team...

Your client sends you red-ink filled Word Docs or spreadsheets that get shared back and forth until they are barely readable and forget critical assets like images, graphics and copy…

Despite trying to be as clear as humanly possible, clients miss things because they overlook feedback or delete emails (was it reeaally by accident?)…

Projects get delayed (and invoices go unpaid) because you have to chase clients around-the-clock for more info and then do endless reworks…

Worst of all, your team has to guess to fill in the gaps or launch campaigns missing vital assets because it’s just easier than sending yet another ‘push back’ to clients that will only damage the relationship…

A day in the life AFTER Content Snare

From minute one of a client relationship or project, you collect content and assets in a structured, organized fashion that clients understand and love…

Every piece of content, request and feedback is combined in one place, keeping everybody on the same page (literally)…

You, clients and team members work on a single, central document, eliminating any confusion and providing airtight ‘version control’…

You make incredibly clear, unmistakable requests about the content and assets needed, getting exactly what you need every time…

You and your team become process-driven, allowing projects to run more smoothly and finish on deadline…

Chasing content becomes automated, so you can get on with doing your job, and focus on finding more clients and generating more income…

Above all else, with Content Snare in place, you and your team can run more efficiently, you can get projects finished in record time and have everyone saying

"OMG how did we ever live without this?!"

~ Direct Quote from happy Content Snare client

Experience the easy way of collecting content and assets today…

Wondering where we’ve been all your life?

Try Content Snare for a Free 14 Day trial.
No Catches. No credit card required.
Just a helluva lot less stress.


Customer Praise

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"I love that I can customize each request to the specific client. I can even phrase the questions in the client's native language which makes communication so much easier."
― Vernita Kruger,
Red Swirl Digital


"This is an incredibly helpful video series. Every one of your suggestions are practical and actionable."
― Justin Seedman, JustinFit

Successful digital agencies are built on streamlined processes

With Content Snare, your team can spend more time focused on what’s most important. You know, the stuff you actually want to be doing – and what pays the bills.

Because we both know that isn’t endlessly chasing content and assets…


Become more productive

with a powerfully efficient workflow built on streamlined content and asset collection, reminders and feedback.


Keep projects on track

and moving at speed by breaking down bottlenecks due to unclear responsibilities.


Increase profitability

by finishing more projects, reducing costs, and avoiding going over time and budget.


Make clients happy

with a more professional content creation and asset collection experience that makes your team stand out.


Grow your business

by freeing up your time to find new clients, generate more sales and focus on marketing.


Get paid on time

By speeding up content creation, campaign timing, feedback and approvals.


Bonus: Make your agency look good (and bigger than it is)

No one wants to look like a little agency from a little village. If you’re a small or growing team, Content Snare helps make your agency look more professional, bigger and better than your competition.

Are you ready to free up your time, stop chasing clients and build a more streamlined process for your digital projects?

14 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Say good-bye to costly, hacked together DIY solutions

Duct taped together a messy system of email, Dropbox, web forms and Google Docs? How’s that working out for you?

If you’re like most, this kind of hacked together system only adds to the confusion. Duplicated documents, endless back-and-forth edits and irritating non-stop notifications. Not to mention these off-the-shelf systems are too rigid to do half the things you need.

And what happens when a client doesn’t have a Google or Dropbox account? Now you’re in a jam.

It’s really not all that efficient, is it?

14 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.


Content Snare will forever transform the way you collect content and onboard clients

Instead of having to rely on a messy web of makeshift tools…

Content Snare brings every step of your content and document collection together in one place.


Intuitive features that will save you ridiculous amounts of time PLUS make you look good
(and have you saying Hallelujah!)



Templates for almost every scenario that you can use over and over again to save time and create a consistent process for building high ROI digital campaigns


Custom Branding

Make your content collection process look more professional with custom branding by adding your own logo.



Reject items within the wider document to let clients and team members know they’ve sent you the wrong info.


Simple Drag & Drop Interface

An intuitive visual interface and drag and drop controls that anyone can use.



Avoid lost content and give clients the relief of not having to do everything in one go.



Stop having to be the ‘bad guy’ always chasing clients when things are overdue. We take one for the team and send the emails for you.

Easy for you, easy for your clients

Do you ever feel like some clients are just “unfixable” and just a tad stuck in their ways (said with love)?

No matter what you do, they just can’t seem to get it right. Frustrating, right? But it’s not all their fault. They might be new to this. Or confused by the system they’re given.

Here’s the thing, if you give them a dead simple process (*cough Content Snare) it turns these seemingly unfixable clients into…

Super responsive, highly organized clients who are a breeze to work with, love working with you and are impressed by how easy the whole process is.

With its easy navigation and interactive workflow, it doesn’t take an advanced IT degree to pick-up Content Snare like a pro. For you, or your clients.

If you can use an iPhone, you can use Content Snare.
Because our mantra is: easy things get done.

...And our goal is to make YOU and your company look good.

14 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

How it Works

Escape the "Content Collection Chaos"





A hassle-free, zero-confusion content plan.
Request the info you need, clearly define responsibilities and lay out easy-to-follow instructions so everyone’s in sync. Even set limits on what’s required so you only get back what you need.





An unmistakable content plan with clients/colleagues.
Share your content needs with a couple of clicks. Specify due dates and set a follow-up schedule to meet deadlines. With a clear checklist and instructions, clients know exactly what’s needed with zero confusion.





Clients what's still required without passive aggressive emails.
Deadline fast approaching with content still missing? Content Snare sends out pre-populated, automated reminders to do the polite nudging for you. That way, you don’t have to be the ‘bad guy’ and risk damaging relationships.





Work as it comes in and quickly action changes.
Get notified when content is ready for approval. Everything just right? Confirm, check it off and download all content instantly. Got the wrong documents or need changes? Let everyone know with feedback, rejecting only the fields that need changes.

Are you ready to escape the content collection chaos?

14 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Why are we so obsessed with making content collection and client management so simple for agencies?

We know your pain - and have felt it too.

We know your pain – and have felt it too. 

As former agency owners, we lived the daily frustration of lost productivity due to delays and project backlogs caused by content collection. We realized we weren’t the only ones. So many other agencies faced the same business-crippling problems. 

So, with the help, insight and input of dozens of digital agencies, we built a solution that solved their problem (and yours).


Let’s be real, you’ve got enough on your plate already…

With campaigns and websites to build, clients to find and a business to run,
endlessly chasing content and assets around in circles is the last thing you need.

Content Snare removes chasing content and documents from your to do list, freeing up your time,
energy and headspace to focus on getting your job done, growing your business or, simply,
just enjoying more spare time back in your day.

14 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.