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Collect documents, client information and more automatically. No more chasing clients.


Collect documentation from clients faster than ever

As soon as you need to get information from your clients, everything grinds to a halt. The constant back-and-forth of following up via email is about as tedious as it gets.

Then of course documents will be lost in the never-ending email trail and some will never even arrive because of attachment size restrictions.

Content Snare is automatic document collection software that lets you offload this painful task. Your client can see exactly what is required, upload everything in one place and is periodically reminded automatically.

Better yet, unlike other document collection systems, Content Snare can help you collect non-document information that your client types directly into the tool.

Gather any kind of information

Request any kind of info from your clients. Current Content Snare clients are gathering:

  • Scanned documents
  • Photos
  • Client info
  • Intake forms
  • Anything!
gather content

Spend time on things that matter

Following up clients for documents wastes time for no good reason.

Content Snare cuts this out by sending automatic, periodic reminders to your client. Define your own reminder schedules.

It also provides your clients with a single, easy location to do everything they need to do. Moving away from email means that documents don't go missing in the email universe, there are no 900-long email trails, and you can download everything with a single click of a button.

You can also approve or reject documents that aren't fit for purpose. If you need some changes from your client, simply click a button, explain what is wrong and send a change request without leaving Content Snare.

Create requests in minutes

Once you've set up your typical intake form, there's no need to do it ever again.

Save it as a template so that you can send it to other clients in a couple of clicks.

There's no limit to how many templates you can have, so create one for every process in your business.

content and marketing request remplates
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