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What did you do before Content Snare?

Before Content Snare, we ran a web design and software development business. Starting in 2010, with a single product in the SEO industry, the business evolved to include website design and development, then web applications and finally mobile apps.

We quickly realised that having good processes simplified almost every part of running a business. This didn’t come about because we’re especially clever… it was simply because things often fell apart when no process was in place. Especially when clients were involved in the process.

Eventually, our agency had processes for just about everything – including how clients should contact us. This meant we could get more done in the same time, and stress levels dropped dramatically.

With our hearts set on improving processes, we helped clients with this as well. Our second SaaS product, Silver Siphon, simplified Stripe and Xero bookkeeping. After 3 years, Silver Siphon was acquired by an investment firm based in Silicon Valley.

Updated on September 17, 2020

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