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Do you offer a concierge set up service?

We absolutely do.

If you don’t have the time to set up Content Snare yourself, or just want some help, our concierge service can help.

Free services include:

  • Setting up your first template, up to 30 questions
  • A 30 minute call to ask questions and learn
  • A review of your existing request to ensure it follows best practices

We also offer extended template set up beyond 30 questions. For a nominal fee, you’ll be able to send us your existing onboarding forms, documents, checklists or anything else you currently use as a basis for content collection and we’ll turn them into templates inside your account ourselves within an agreed time period.

This will allow you to sit back and let us do all of the preparation for you, meaning you’ll be able to start sending requests without having to do any of the template building beforehand. Easy right?

To begin the process and make getting started with Content Snare even faster, email us at support@contentsnare.com or leave a message using the chat widget and we’ll happily discuss our concierge set up service with you.

Updated on May 4, 2021

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