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How do I edit an email template?

When editing an email template, it requires:

  • A Template name (this is not visible to clients)
  • An Email subject
  • An Email body

You can edit the text within your email templates to whatever extent you like.

Additionally, both the email subject and body can use variables to personalise the information and send links to your clients. In order to add a variable, click on the variables dropdown to see the available fields, and choose one to insert it into the editor. Variables appear within blue bubbles on your end but translate as normal text on the client’s end.

Here’s an example of a simple edit on a greeting using variables:


You can also preview the email template you’re currently on by clicking the Preview Email button towards the top right-hand corner of the page.

Email templates can be found under Reminders, located within the top bar.
Updated on January 16, 2021

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