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How do tables work?

Tables in Content Snare are designed to work in a similar way to spreadsheet applications that you are already familiar with.

Many of the same keyboard shortcuts you are used to work in Content Snare for example when you want to copy & paste information. These are detailed below.


Locked Columns

Some columns are for information only and cannot be edited. These are shown in grey with a padlock icon in the column header. For an example, take a look at the left column below titled “Expense.”


If you make a mistake entering data, press Ctrl+Z to undo, or click the undo button under Table Actions. This works even if you accidentally delete something, so it’s handy to know in case you need it.

Copy and paste

If you have data that you would like to paste in from a spreadsheet, copy it from your source (Ctrl+C) and paste it into Content Snare (Ctrl+V).

You can also right click on a cell and select Paste.

If you highlight a range of cells and Paste, it will only fill the area that you have highlighted. To Paste everything that you copied, select only one cell.


If you highlight a range of cells and press DELETE, it will clear the contents from those cells.

If you wish to delete a row, right click on it and choose delete.

Adding rows

Click into the final, empty row in the table and begin typing to add a new row.

You can also paste in data. If what you are pasting is larger than the current table, it will create new rows.

Note: Adding rows needs to be enabled. If you cannot add new rows, it is likely that it has been disabled for that particular table.

Keyboard shortcuts

Moving around the table

  • Up/Down/Left/Right Arrows: moves to adjacent cell. Readonly cells are skipped
  • Tab/Shift Tab: move to next/previous cell
  • CTRL+Home/End: move to first/last cell
  • CTRL+Left/Right: move to first/last cell in the row
  • CTRL+Up/Down: move to first/last cell in the column

Selecting cells

  • Holding SHIFT while using arrows, home, end, or CTRL+arrows/home/end: Select multiple cells
  • CTRL+A: Select all. If a cell is being edited, CTRL+A will first select the cell contents and will select all when CTRL+A is pressed a second time

Working with table contents

  • CTRL+Z: Undo
  • CTRL+C: Copy current selection. If nothing is selected, copie the entire table
  • CTRL+X: Cut selection
  • DEL/Backspace: Delete selection
  • CTRL+V: Pasted CSV delimited content. If some cells are selected, it will trim the data to fit in the selection. If nothing is selected, all data is pasted
  • Ctrl+I then press R – insert a row below current row
  • Ctrl+I then press C – insert a column to the right of the  current column
Updated on January 30, 2022

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