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What online storage apps does Content Snare integrate with?

Content Snare integrates with the following online storage apps:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Onedrive
  • Sharepoint

Things you need to know

Google, Dropbox and Microsoft impose some restrictions on how Content Snare can access your files.

You will need to create a new, empty folder that is just for Content Snare.

This is because Content Snare can only access one folder in your account. It also cannot see any of your existing files or folders, even if they are in that folder.

So imagine you choose an existing folder called “Clients”. In there there’s a subfolder called “ACME Corp”. If Content Snare tries to put files inside “ACME Corp”, it won’t be able to see the existing folder, and will create a duplicate.

This is unfortunately just the way it is until we can apply to lift these restrictions.

How to set up your integration

  1. Create a new, empty folder in your storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Sharepoint). You could call it “Content Snare”
  2. Go to the Integrations page (Your Avatar -> Settings -> Integrations)
  3. Click the integration you want to configure
  4. Click “Select a Folder” (see screenshot below) and choose the folder you created in step 1
  5. Set up a path where Content Snare will store files inside the existing folder. You can include placeholders like the client name and the request name
  6. Complete the rest of the settings and click activate


  • Files which you, or a client deletes in Content Snare are not deleted in the integration. The are renamed in the format:  [filename]-deleted-[yyyymmdd]-[hhmmss].[extension]
Updated on December 1, 2021

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