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What are the components of a request?

There are three components to a request. Each item belongs inside the one above it:

  1. Pages
  2. Sections
  3. Fields

Pages are shown on the left-hand side of the request for both you and your clients. To change page, simply click on the one you wish to navigate to.

When it comes to breaking down a request, it’s completely up to you how you’d like to do it. Typically for a website, for instance, pages on Content Snare would correspond quite simply to the desired pages for the website (e.g: home page, about page, contact page, etc). A page could also just be a collection of general information that you’d like to group together for relevancy purposes.

Sections then break up the information into smaller logical groups. For a website page, a section might be a header, a footer, services or testimonials. Here are some of our built in section templates to give you a better idea of how you can break up information:

Fields are the individual components that your client fills out in order to provide you with the required content. There are many different field types available which you can learn about here.

Updated on September 17, 2020

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