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How do I send a request to myself?

Sending a request to yourself is one of the simplest ways to test Content Snare out for yourself from a client’s perspective.

However, you cannot create clients using the email address you signed up for Content Snare with. You also cannot create a client with the same email as one of your team members.

Instead, you’ll need to do this using a secondary email address of your own.

When you are publishing a request, simply create a new client using the desired secondary email address. You’ll receive the emails just as a client would so you can test out your client’s experience.

Top Tip: If you’re using Google Suite, a secondary email address isn’t actually necessary in order to successfully send a request to yourself. Instead, when creating yourself as a client, you could simply add “+test” onto your current email address (e.g: “[email protected]“) and Content Snare will allow you to use it. When receiving the email to your inbox, Google will ignore the “+” and everything after it, delivering the email to your original email address (in this case “[email protected]“).

Updated on January 12, 2021

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