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How do I send a request?

Once you have created a requestbuilt out the required info and previewed it (previewing is optional), you’re ready to send it to your client.

When in the publishing stage, you’ll see the following:

Here, you’ll be able to choose a client from the drop-down menu to send the request to, decide how and with what measures your client will be able to access the request (learn more about that here), the request due date and the desired reminder schedule. After these have been selected, you’ll be able to hit that publish button!

When you click this, it sets the request live and Content Snare will start following the reminder schedule associated with that given request.

If there is a rule to send an email on day 0, then an email will be sent to your client immediately, inviting them to either register or use a link to access the request depending on what you’ve selected.

You can also save and leave the request as draft if you’re not ready to publish.

If you’re interested in testing things out first, sending yourself a request is the easiest way to see what your clients will see with content Snare.

Updated on January 12, 2021

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