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Can I set the permissions a team member has?

Of course! Team members can be given additional permissions that enable them to perform advanced functions or, if required, their permissions can be limited.

When creating or viewing a Team member, you will see a field labelled Role.

By selecting a different role for this user, the administrator can ensure that the team member is allocated the correct permissions for the role they play within the company’s workflow.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the different permissions associated with each of these roles:

  • Can view requests that have not been published.
  • Can view the client list.
  • Can view the team list.
  • Can view the template list.
  • Can view the reminder schedules.
  • Can request help using the in-app chat system.
  • Can see a warning indicating the application subscription status if in trial.
  • Can see the announcement icon in the navigation menu.
  • As above, additionally:
  • Can send an email to a client using the application’s email function.
  • Can approve or reject field answers completed by a client.
  • As above, additionally:
  • Can edit a request (instructions, name, adding or removing fields, sections, deleting a request, etc).
  • Can update or create clients.
  • Can update or create templates (request, page and sections templates).
  • Can update or create reminder schedules or email templates.
  • As above, additionally:
  • Can update or create team members.
  • Can update subscription billing settings.
  • Can modify company settings.
  • Can modify integrations, webhooks and connected apps.

Updated on September 17, 2020

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