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What is a template?

Using templates is definitely one of the best ways to save immense amounts of time in the content gathering process. Want to know why?

Well, it’s high likely that, when dealing with clients, you’ll come across projects or tasks that require a similar overall approach (e.g: designing websites, client onboarding, etc). As a result, you’ll also require very similar content from your clients – being able to simply re-use the same fields from within a request, page or section is an absolute must.

For example, on a website, a contact page might have an email address, phone number, address, the option to have a map and the fields to use within a contact form. You could save this group of fields as a page or section template and re-use it for another client in a matter of seconds.

For an even higher level of ease, Content Snare also comes with several built-in templates.

Updated on December 13, 2020

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