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What is an active request?

In simple terms, an active request is a request that’s live, accessible to your client and available to be filled out.

From the moment you publish a request, it becomes active. Prior to this, when the request is in draft mode, it is still considered inactive.

For example, if your plan allows 100 active requests, this would mean that you could send all 100 of those at once if desired and still be within your limits. However, if all of those are still active and you attempt to send another, you wouldn’t be able to.

The way to rectify this would be to mark the ones that are no longer in use as complete or archived. The client will no longer have access to these, therefore making them inactive and freeing up space within your plan limits for you to send some new requests!

For further information, feel free to check out the video below with visual aids to help you learn a little more about active requests.

Updated on January 19, 2022

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