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Say Goodbye To Content Headaches

Your client just signed off on a new project. Woo! They promise to get you all the content so you can start ASAP.

2 weeks later and nothing has arrived, despite a bunch of follow ups. How many times can you follow up before the client gets annoyed?

You get attacked by a storm of 15mb attachments, 25 emails and old brochures.

So begins the process of getting everything together in a format you can actually use. That's a few hours you won't get back.

Stop chasing clients for content

Let Content Snare do it for you.

Get content from your clients without any of the usual hassle

Content Snare is a content collection tool that automates the content gathering process to save you hours of your precious time on every project

Lay out required content in a clear, easy structure so that your clients know exactly what is required.


Content Snare does chasing and following up. The only email you'll get is when all the content is ready to go.


Copy and paste the content right into the website without digging through emails and reformatting content.

The best way to collect content for websites, marketing campaigns and just about anything

What People Are Saying

Tony Zwies

Get projects moving

“It's helped a 2+ year project which was waiting for content get its feet off the ground.”

— Tony Zwies, Yellow Design
Jennifer Ward

Get started quickly

“So much of it is already done for me and with a few tweaks, I can send the form and the client knows exactly what they need to provide"

— Jennifer Ward, J Ward Design Studio
Meli Silverberg

Get more done

“Content Snare has allowed me to lower my overall client bottlenecks, in turn allowing me to take on more clients"

— Meli Silverberg, Branding Rebel
Dave Foy

Stress less

“Getting content in the right way and in a timely fashion makes the difference between success/profitability and zero profitability... plus a whole load of heartache.”

— Dave Foy, Design Build Web

Clients love it

“My clients are now totally enthusiastic about giving me the content! Several have commented how easy it was to use.”

— Imogen Allen, Umbrella Digital Media

People have a lot of nice things to say about Content Snare.

That's why it hit #2 on Product Hunt, #1 on BetaList and has been featured in several major publications.

Content Snare even helped one business get their first content back in 2 hours.

gather content from clients

Does This Sound Familiar?

"At my agency, every single project was backed up because of content".
Content Snare fixes this. See how.

Say goodbye to content headaches

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