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Big Updates to Content Snare (March 2018)

march 2018
Last Updated December 15, 2021
 - by James Rose

The latest update to Content Snare has one of the most requested features we've ever had - the ability to send/share requests without your client having to log in. There are also some other small goodies, all described below.

Share without login

When you send a request to a client, you now will be directed to a new screen. Here you have the option to send without them needing to login. If you'd like some security on this, you can set a 4 digit PIN for your client to enter. This is much easier than them working with passwords. The emails sent by Content Snare will take your client directly to their request. Under the actions menu, you can also share an existing request to get the link.

Default instructions

Each request you create will include some default instructions unless you turn it off or replace it with your own. These provide some info to your client so they understand how to use Content Snare.

Archiving Requests

Exactly as it sounds - so you don't have to delete them.

Complete requests in one click

Previously, you had to go through and make sure every field was marked complete to mark an entire request complete. Now you can click one button. While in "View" mode on a request, go to Actions -> Mark As Complete.

Image thumbnails

Images uploaded used to show in their original size, which could be a pain to scroll through. Now they show as thumbnails and open in a lightbox when clicked.

Conditional email engine

This is a bit technical but will allow some more advanced email templates in the future. For example, you might want to say "only include this paragraph if X is true". Right now, we're just using this to send different parts of emails based on whether they need to login or not, but it means we can make this more open later.

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