Web Business Weekly # 100

Warning: I’m about to go on a rant about my favorite lead generation tool. Because I’m too tired to have anything insightful to say this week.
If you’d rather just see a video of it in action I made a quick Loom vid.
I’ve been waiting for this new ConvertBox feature for so long.
If you don’t know what ConvertBox is – it’s an epic lead generation tool. It just became the best (according to me)
Until now they’ve had all the classic things like popups, slide-ins and ribbons.
But now they’ve finally released inline opt-ins. So instead of having to trigger a popup, your visitor can enter their email/name right on the page.
It’s not the most exciting thing ever (a form plugin can do that), but it’s awesome because now ConvertBox can handle EVERY type lead gen opt-in that I need.
It’s been the ONE thing stopping me from saying this is the best value lead gen tool you will find.
So now I can comfortably say that 🙂
Right now there is a lifetime deal available, which makes it such insane value. This and ThriveCart are the two best purchases I’ve made.
It’s more than just lead gen too.
I even use them to announce things on our sites, like discounts. That could be a popup or banner on certain pages after a certain amount of view time.
You can use them as surveys to segment your audience. You’ll see an example on the Content Snare home page, where people can select what kind of business they are, then I ask a few questions to get them to where they want to go. That might be watching a video, taking a trial, or opening a chat window. Watch the video below to see it in action.
You also get control over who gets to see popups. It syncs with your CRM, so if someone is already on your list, you might show them a different opt-ins applies for popups as well as inline opt-ins.
So if you have two freebies, if someone has opted in for one of them, you should only show them the other.
Seriously this is powerful AF. And it’s on a lifetime deal – $395, with an optional $95 upgrade to use it on up to 50 sites.
That’s the kind of price you can pay back in one sale.
This is an affiliate link that takes you to the LTD
On with the roundup…

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