Web Business Weekly #33

A couple of weeks ago a dropped a link to a podcast that made a huge impact on me. It was Joe Rogan 1109 with Matthew Walker. In short, you probably don’t realise how screwed you are if you don’t get enough sleep.
This hit me hard, cause I don’t sleep very well. If you don’t either, please listen to that podcast immediately. I know it’s long, but this is real sh*t.
Since then, I went and bought a Fitbit Charge 2, because apparently these actually do a good job of sleep tracking so I can see what is and isn’t working.
A great book on sleep worth reading is Shawn Stevenson’s Sleep Smarter.
Here are some things you can work on, which I’m trying to implement:
– Going for a walk every day (the Fitbit gamification REALLY helps here)
– No screens after 8pm (except Netflix of course)
– Getting sun in the morning
– Having a coffee or two first thing, but zero caffeine after that
– Having dinner earlier
– Weights in the gym, but also earlier
– Magnesium supplements
OK so I get this is a bit off topic from web design, but it’s pretty damn important, and I know many of you don’t get the best sleep either.
If you do sleep easy, guess I’ve just wasted 30 seconds of your time 🙂

James Rose

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