Web Business Weekly #34

Looks like last weeks topic of sleep hit a real chord. Thanks for your responses by email and in the Facebook group.
One of the biggest things is people didn’t want to listen to a 2 hour podcast to get all the details. I STILL recommend you do that, because there’s a lot more to it than what I’m about to share.
But if you really don’t have the time for something this important, I broke down some of the biggest WTF moments from the podcast on my personal blog. Please give it a share if it helps you.
Moving on…
WP Elevation just released the second free video, and this is one you want to pay attention to.
It’s all about how to increase your prices.
You’ll learn:
➡ how to start increasing your fees by 25% right now
➡ the (small) difference between charging $3K website and $10K website
➡ how to help clients understand and justify the costs
➡ how to use the “Go Wide Go Deep” technique to position yourself as a premium consultant
If you haven’t signed up already, do so by CLICKING HERE.

James Rose

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