Web Business Weekly #49

Just about everyone gets imposter syndrome.
A couple of weeks ago I was nominated for Brisbane Young Entrepreneurof the year. I posted the nomination on Facebook and there was a barrage of congrats and comments.
Even though I know awards aren’t a big deal, I immediately went into I’m-A-Fraud mode. Like I wasn’t “worthy”, or something strange like that.
I met a guy who is legit famous. He’s interviewed on the news regularly, gets paid boatloads to speak at events around the world, lives in Manhattan, has sold a business for ton of cash. So he’s about as a real deal as it gets.
Yet, he described how he gets imposter syndrome every single day when he wakes up.
Yep, even him.
So many of us don’t give ourselves enough credit.
If you’re one of these, you’re far from alone. Just google “dealing with imposter syndrome” for proof.
Let’s start focusing on the wins we have and being happy for a bit, eh?
You’re probably more awesome than you think.
And FYI, I didn’t win the award 😛

James Rose

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