Web Business Weekly #57

How do you evaluate costs in your business?
Do you see spending money as a simple cost, or as an investment in saving your time?
I used to fall into the first camp. Every new subscription I added was painful.
But then I ran out of hours in the day. It felt like I was always busy, stressed and missing out on fun life stuff.
You could say it was some kind of breaking point. My mindset shifted almost overnight. Time became more important than money, so I signed up for anything I knew could claw back even an hour a week.
Sure, our costs went up… but so did my sanity. There was breathing room in the business again.
I’m talking about this today because I see so many people chasing free options, cheap software or lifetime deals.
Usually that means settling for sub-par tools that end up wasting time. People end up being busy all the time doing stuff they probably shouldn’t be doing.
To me, time is WAY more important than adding a few hundred dollars a month in costs.
Next time you’re thinking about adding a new subscription, try to think about the time and sanity you’ll get back, rather than the $30 or $40 it’s going to cost.

James Rose

James is the co-founder of Content Snare and Aktura Technology. Once a web designer, his new priority is to help web designers and developers regain their lives, work less and get better clients.

He does this by writing helpful posts, building software and working with web designers to deliver the complex web development that they don't normally handle.

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