Web Business Weekly #71

Trying to get feedback on your designs from clients can be one of the biggest pains in the entire web design process.
Emails saying “The title that’s about halfway down under the picture of the guy waving his hands” aren’t exactly easy to decipher. But that’s what clients will often send unless you can make is easier for them.
Thankfully there are great ways to improve this process.
Project Huddle still the best and most cost-effective solution I’ve found for allowing clients to send you design feedback.
I talk about it all the time, but this time it’s because Andre is running an awesome discount for you guys.
If you’re not familiar with it, it allows you request feedback on images AND live websites.
For your clients, it’s as simple as clicking anywhere they like and typing in their feedback. You can then discuss each piece of feedback individually.
It’s self-hosted, which can be a pro or a con – but with how easy it is to set up a new WordPress install these days, it’s a non-issue to get it running.
I’d recommend setting up a clean WP install on a subdomain like feedback[.]yourwebsite[.]com and installing ONLY Project Huddle. That way there’s no room for conflicts.
You can sign up at https://projecthuddle.io/ and use code AGENCYHIGHWAY25 for 25% off. It applies to new licenses and renewals, plus upgrades on all license tiers.
Valid until April 8th

James Rose

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