Web Business Weekly #75

Unpopular opinion incoming.
Lately we’ve been working on a large development project. It’s based in C# & .NET
Yep – Windows based development.
Which will make many-a-developer scoff. Some people despise closed-source.
We’ve been building in Ruby on Rails, various front-ends and WordPress for years. Before that, in the early days, we were building stuff in C# – but things were very different then.
Things have changed SO much in web development and we’ve noticed that more than even on this latest project.
There are tasks that would have taken days of development in the open-source frameworks we use. Some of these are being done in a day with dot NET. Our development estimates are being smashed.
Once upon a time, it was difficult or expensive to host Windows-based web apps, but Azure has changed that.
For the first time in a while, we’re really loving NET and would seriously consider building future apps on it.
So if you’re one of the people that turn your nose up at closed source in the past, maybe it’s worth a new look.
We’re certainly loving getting things done faster.

James Rose

James is the co-founder of Content Snare and Aktura Technology. Once a web designer, his new priority is to help web designers and developers regain their lives, work less and get better clients.

He does this by writing helpful posts, building software and working with web designers to deliver the complex web development that they don't normally handle.

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