Web Business Weekly #77

Yesterday I sent out an email to Content Snare subscribers and kinda screwed up. I called everyone FIRSTNAME|TITLECASE
Thankfully I was made aware pretty quick and sent out an apology email. The response to that has been awesome. That prompted me to do a video on owning your mistakes.
The original email was actually promoting a new product called FunnelPacks.
You might have already seen this doing the rounds – and that’s because it’s a freaking awesome idea.
One of those “Dammit why didn’t I think of that” products.
In short, it provides everything you need to build out funnels for your agency, including:
  • Landing page
  • Thank you
  • Delivery email
  • Nurture email
  • Sales email
There are funnels available for services you already have, like web design, maintenance, SEO etc.
The main thing that always stops be building funnels is the amount of work involved. Matt from FunnelPacks has just gone and done it all for you.
Check out my vid to see what you get and why I love this so much.
Otherwise if you’d like to check out the actual product – it’s here. Matt has arranged a code ContentSnare for 10% off. This is valid for 2 more days only (May 31)

James Rose

James is the co-founder of Content Snare and Aktura Technology. Once a web designer, his new priority is to help web designers and developers regain their lives, work less and get better clients.

He does this by writing helpful posts, building software and working with web designers to deliver the complex web development that they don't normally handle.

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