Web Business Weekly #79

I’ve been thinking about turning my blog into a place where I just call out “dumb sh*t entrepreneurs say”.
One that was bugging me this week is “I love what I do, so is it even work”.
Yes. Yes it is.
It’s comparable to the Instagram account that makes it look like their life is full of amazing travels and standing on the beach holding fruit.
I’d be willing to be that most people that say this REALLY love sending invoices, project management, dealing with clients, answering emails, bookkeeping… etc. etc. etc.
You know, all that stuff every business has to do.
Sure you can outsource a lot of these things, but there’s always going to be bits and pieces that suck.
If you see people say this and it makes you sad knowing that you have to do all this crap that you don’t like, please just know that they are doing all the same crap, and just like saying BS things.
All this negativity aside (sorry :P), you still can move towards removing the pieces of your business that you don’t like. That’s going to require hiring people and putting processes in place.
The irony is that hiring and process are likely going to be things that you don’t like. But you push through it and come out better off. That’s just how it works.

James Rose

James is the co-founder of Content Snare and Aktura Technology. Once a web designer, his new priority is to help web designers and developers regain their lives, work less and get better clients.

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