Web Business Weekly #88

There’s nothing I feel like ranting about this week, so here’s a quick time saving tip that I stumbled on in the last couple of weeks.

In Chrome, go to the URL bar and start typing the name of a Google Doc or Spreadsheet in your account. It will autocomplete and be shown in the list.
Check out the screenshot below.
I used to bookmark all my most-used spreadsheets and that’s totally unnecessary now
Actually, now that I think about it, there IS something I’d like to rant about and it’s in the same tune as time saving.
Going to the supermarket sucks. Somehow I ended up there yesterday.
You know the process.
  1. Deal with car park traffic
  2. Walk around and find all the things on your list
  3. Go down the same aisle 8 times trying to find 1 item
  4. Line up & check out
  5. Go to your car and hope no one ran a trolley into it
  6. Get frustrated that people can’t seem to work out the trolley return
  7. Deal with the traffic again
Loads of supermarkets deliver now. The one I use charges $4 to deliver. Easiest $4 decision and best productivity hack EVER.

James Rose

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