Web Business Weekly #92

Here’s a great book that I’m reading at the moment.
It’s called Super Thinking and is co-written by Gabriel Weinberg the founder of DuckDuckGo.
It contains mental models you can apply in your business and life to make better decisions.
Part of me thinks this should be required reading. The content includes stuff like:
  • How to determine if your thinking is biased
  • Getting to the core of problems (not the surface level stuff)
  • Making change easier
  • Dealing with situations where people (like employees) do things that make you mad
  • A bunch of statistical models that can help you work out how to create good experiments… and how to tell if a study is full of shit. Useful for all the fake news and crap that comes through media
  • How introducing randomness into processes helps you find better ways of doing things
And these dot points are only the things that I’ve directly implemented already.
There is a LOT to take in and I think this is one I’ll be re-reading for a refresher every so often.
Get the book here: Super Thinking.

James Rose

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