Web Business Weekly #99

Last week I attended Lee Jackon’s Agency Transformation Live. It was such a bummer that we couldn’t get together in real life, but I’ve never seen a virtual conference fun so well.
The best part of any event is meeting people and networking. Lee had set it up so that you could move between virtual tables to chat to people. I ended up making some real connections that are already having flow on effects for our business.
So good. Have you had any epic virtual conference experiences lately?
One of the talks there was by my friend Nick Gulic.
He laid out his sales framework for selling websites and it was an ABSOLUTE HIT with everybody.
One attendee even took the framework and closed a deal the very next day. Check out the testimonial here.
Since the talk, we’ve all been telling him to make a bloody course out of this, because people need to learn.
He listened. This morning I noticed the pre-launch was live. The dude is insane and was up until stupid-oclock getting it done. And I am so pumped that he has.
For just $100 you’ll get access to Nick’s framework when it is live.
There’s no affiliate stuff going on here, I just know that this is going to be super helpful for you.

James Rose

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