Web Business Weekly #44

Years ago I was involved in a redesign of a control system for coal port.
The first change was to upgrade the underlying software (called Citect). In this new version, the default background changed from this old school grey to a light grey/blue. At the same time, we added a ton of other improvements that made daily tasks for the operators so much easier.
Have a guess what the feedback was like…
The operators blew up.
The biggest complaint…. (imagine me doing a kind of whingey voice)
“Gosh I just don’t like that blue colour on the background”
It ended up being a classic aversion-to-change situation. Something they’d been looking at for years was different, so they decided they hated it.
It quickly turned around and they realised everything was better.
It feels like the same thing is going on with Gutenberg right now.
If you don’t know, that’s the new post editor that is coming to WordPress. Version 5 will force it if you don’t install the “Classic Editor” plugin (which in my opinion makes you a dinosaur, unless you have a really good reason like compatibility)
I’ve been playing with Gutenberg over the last couple of weeks and am loving it so far. For one, copy and paste from Google Docs is now a dream. Some of the blocks are amazing. Content marketing and blog posts are going to become so. much. better.
Yeah it’s been buggy in the early stages, but it’s pretty good now. And you’ll have to make adjustments to the way you develop. But overall I think it’s a great move. The classic editor is old AF and needs to die.
What do you think?

James Rose

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