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How to Request Files and Collect Content on Time Without Email

request files and collect content
Last Updated January 24, 2022
 - by Content Snare Team
Request Files and Collect Content

Does your company revolve around requesting data and collecting content from multiple sources? Do they often get lost in massive chains of emails resulting in late submissions and confusion? Well, good news – we have a solution. With Content Snare, you can collect those time-sensitive files in one place, cutting out all that messy in-between stuff, including sending reminders to clients. Content Snare does it all for you. Let’s take a look at how Content Snare can make your life just a little bit easier.

What are the benefits of Content Snare?

We already mentioned that Content Snare eliminates two major annoyances, having to request and collect files yourself and eliminating those long email chains where important files are likely to get lost in the shuffle. What are the other benefits of requesting files and collecting content on time, without using email? Let’s take a look.

Projects are more likely to be completed on time.

If we’re being realistic, many factors contribute to a project not being completed on time. Some of this revolves around miscommunication. Some boils down to being busy with other projects that have taken more time than expected. And some comes down to delays further down the line. That said, most projects are more likely to be done on time with an automated request and collect system because it cuts down on one major part of producing and collecting content: constantly keeping track of different deadlines. If you’re working on multiple projects at once, keeping track of time can be difficult. When automated requests and reminders are sent, nobody has to worry about confusing deadlines or due dates, losing email reminders, or misplacing content that has already been sent in. This method save time and helps you get better organized so the work gets done on time.

More profit for your business.

The quicker you’re able to assign content, collect it, and send it off for editing, the more profit your business earns. There are a few reasons for this, the biggest one being the quicker you can create quality content and get it out there, the quicker you can take on more projects. If you’re stuck on multiple projects due to delays, your ability to take on new projects is quite limited. Another reason your business collects more profit is that working efficiently boosts your reputation. Word of mouth is a huge factor when it comes to marketing agencies, website design, etc. You want your clients to give you five-star reviews.

Everyone’s happy.

collecting data

Whether it’s the client, your content writers, or the members of your own team, everyone’s happier when there’s an organized system in place. Email chains are one of the most disorganized methods of communicating when it comes to keeping information organized. Having a professional, organized method for collecting data and documents that you can also use to upload files like Content Snare in place helps everyone know that you take your time management seriously.

How does Content Snare Work?

So, how does it work? Let’s take a look at how Content Snare is set up and why it’s easier than rifling through your email, chasing down files.

1. Build your request.

The first thing you do is put together a request form for your client or content creators. Content Snare takes it a step further – it has categories to organize your requests which are labeled as different types of content. For example, if you’re looking for a URL, an image, a text file, a video file, or any other type of file you can think of from your client, Content Snare has a category for it. There are tabs, sections, and fields to sort your requests into so you can stay as organized and specific as possible.

2. Send your request.

When your request form is complete, it’s time to send it to the client. Feel free to include any attachments or file types to make the request easier – text, images, links, videos, or anything else you deem necessary can be added onto your request. When you’re ready to go, add both your requested due date and a follow-up schedule. You can do this any way you want – follow up as a reminder when the client is getting close to the due date, send a reminder after the due date has passed, or choose another time you deem necessary.

3. Receive your content.

When using Content Snare's app, you'll get a notification when you've received files or documents from your clients. Then, you can decide whether you want to approve it or send it back for revisions. These corrections can be made right in Content Snare’s sophisticated program by approving certain parts of the content and marking others for correction. This way, the client knows exactly what changes need to be made and can read your notes for more details or step-by-step instructions.

Email chains are a recipe for disaster when it comes to handling projects and important information. By eliminating them completely, you not only stay more organized by keeping everything contained in one place, but you also save time. With Content Snare, projects run smoother and more efficiently using an organized system and a mobile app available in the app store.

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