Content Snare is a product of Aktura Technology.

We were once a web design and software development business. That changed when Content Snare was born. Rather than compete with our target audience, we made the decision to drop web design. Now we can help other web designers expand their offering into areas they don’t currently service.

Custom Web Application & SaaS Development

When a client approaches you with a complex idea beyond your current capability, the job no longer has to go to waste.

The same team behind Content Snare work with web designers to deliver exceptional web based software. Everything we do is held to strict code standards, is thoroughly tested and peer reviewed. Simply put, this builds a rock solid reputation with your clients.

So if your clients trust you to provide solutions to their problems, you might make a great partner. As a partner, you’ll:

  1. Get to work on large, fun projects
  2. Add to your bottom line

Whether you get involved with the design of the app or simply just flick the lead to us, you’ll be rewarded through our partner program.


Below is some of the technology we commonly work with. While we’re in no way limited to these, they’re out favourite weapons.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • AngularJS
  • Heroku
  • Stripe + various payment gateways
  • Xero

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Content Snare is part of Aktura Technology, a web app and SaaS development company. Web designers work with us to expand their capabilities. If clients ever approach you to build something that you can’t quite handle in-house, drop us a line.