How It Works

1. Build

Create "requests" with all the pieces of information you need from the client. Use our built-in templates or create your own.

2. Send

Specify a due date and a follow up schedule. Let Content Snare do all the client chasing instead of wasting your precious time.

3. Approve

Content Snare will notify you when something is ready for approval. Lock it in, or request changes before checking it off.

How it works

Build logical requests for any content

A request is a bunch of content or information you need from your client. Requests are broken up into tabs, sections and fields so you can create simple, logical groups.

The drag and drop editor with multiple field types makes it extremely easy to build a request. Fields include text, dates, numbers, images, URLs, WYSIWYG (formatted text), files, galleries and more.

There's a field for just about anything you could want from your client.

Provide instructions to guide your clients

Easily guide your client through the process with instructions built right into the request. Add images, screenshots or text to show them exactly what kind of content they should provide, what it’s for and where it will be displayed.

Not sure if your client knows what a "hero image" is? Add in a screenshot with some arrows to prevent any confusion.

gather content
get content from clients

Create automatic follow up schedules

Define automatic email schedules based on dates and your client's actions. For example, send an email 3 days after you send the request - but only if they haven't started entering information in Content Snare. If they have started, wait 7 days before prompting them to continue completing the template.

On the calendar view, you can see all due dates and outgoing emails.

Approve content or send it back for revisions

If your client doesn't get something quite right, reject only those fields that need edits. This notifies them they need to go back in and make changes.

If everything looks good, hit the approve button to lock it in.


Say goodbye to content headaches

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Get the final content from one place

There are better ways to spend your valuable time than digging through brochures, countless emails and documents loaded with incorrect formatting. In Content Snare, just copy and paste it out directly into the design or website.

Or simply download everything as one zip file.

It will be in the right format and structure, saving you time and stress of wrestling with documents.

Use templates to save time and repetition

There's no point doing the same thing twice. Reuse sections, tabs or even entire requests across multiple clients. Use one of our built-in templates or save your own from any requests you have already built.

If you've created a standard home page header with logo, headline, tagline, hero image and menu items, save it as a template to be used for your next client.

Every request you send makes your job easier next time.

content and marketing request remplates

Get your team involved

Invite your team members to approve content, create requests & templates and monitor due dates.

Organise requests under projects and clients

For your biggest projects, you may want to split them up into a multiple requests. Content Snare enables you to organise your requests inside projects, all under one client. You can also view outstanding requests grouped by projects on your requests dashboard.

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Send your content anywhere

Content Snare's Zapier integration means you can send your content to any system that integrates with Zapier. You could upload all files to Google Drive or add the content directly to your CMS.

You can also trigger automatic content requests from external systems. e.g. Send a content request after a client fills out a contact form. With Zapier, there are 1000s of possibilities for automation.

Client portal

A super simple and clear form where your clients can provide all of the content you've requested. Here they can view your instructions, enter content, upload images, choose from images you've provided, upload files and more.

Include field validation for numbers, dates and other special data.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Think of it as a forms app on steroids. You lay out all the content you need from your clients using a variety of fields. You structure this into sections & tabs and send to your client. It then chases your client up via email with a set of emails and date based rules that you define.

Am I locked in to a contract?

Absolutely not. You get a 14 days free to try it out, and after that you can cancel at any time, for any reason.

Can I get support?

For sure. Right in the app there is a live chat button you can click to get help. There's also a video to help you get set up and even a video you can send to your clients so you don't have to train them how to use the system.

How often does it contact my clients?

That's totally up to you. There is a default "communication template", but you can create as many follow ups as you like. You can view all scheduled emails and content due dates on the schedules screen.

I'm not a web designer, can I still use Content Snare?

Yep! While our marketing is aimed at web designers, lots of different people are using Content Snare. This includes bookkeepers, digital marketers, coaches and engineers.

Can I re-use the same request on multiple clients?

Yep. You do this by saving a request as a template. You can use that template on as many clients as you like.

Say goodbye to content headaches

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