Content Snare Update June 8

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Over the weekend a large Content Snare update went live. 

This included 5 of the most requested features ever that will speed up your workflow and improve the experience for both you and your clients. 

Those are:

  • Multi-answer fields (repeaters) – allow clients to create multiple answers for one fields
  • Multi file uploads – clients can upload multiple files to one fields
  • Zapier – create automated workflows with Content Snare
  • Request owners – you can assign a team member that “owns” each request. Emails will appear to come from that person, you can filter the request list on owner and you can choose to send email notifications for only their requests
  • Multilingual interface – the ability to translate the client UI to other languages

Plus loads of small design & usability improvements. 

Let’s dig into each in more detail.

Multi-answer fields (also called repeaters)

Sometimes you might have a question where your client needs to provide more than one answer. For example if you need the names of each of their team. Or if you need proof of ID and they could upload one or more files. 

If this option is available, you’ll see it in the builder here.

Content Snare Update June 8

You can also choose to pre-populate how many answers they will see. 

I’ve got a text and file field here so you can see what they look like. 

On the client side, these look like this. They click the button to add more. With file or image fields, they can just drag more here and they will all upload. 

Content Snare Update June 8
Content Snare Update June 8

Note: The old gallery field has been replaced by Image with multi-answer turned on.


Zapier opens up all kinds of automated workflows with Content Snare.

Content Snare Update June 8

Some examples:

  • Send requests when a client is tagged in your CRM
  • Send recurring requests on a schedule
  • Add notifications in Slack when an item is completed
  • Move files to Google Drive when they are completed

There are 1000s of possibilities. The ability to use Content Snare in combination with other apps in automated workflows means that you’ll be able to save so much more time.

Right now this is in beta, so if you’d like access, just shoot us a message through the in-app chat to be added. 

If you’d like to learn how Zapier works, check out my Zapier tutorial

Request Owners

This is huge if you have several team members using Content Snare. 

The owner of the request does a few things:

  1. Allows filtering of the request dashboard
  2. Sends emails from this person and sets the “reply to” address to the owner
  3. Sends notifications to this person for their requests

When you create a request you can open Advanced options and choose the request owner here. It defaults to you. That’s all there is to setting it. 

Content Snare Update June 8

Now back at the dashboard you can use this dropdown to filter to your requests. If you change this, to filter to all requests or your own, it will remember this every time you come back. 

Next look under Reminders -> Email Templates. 

When you edit a template, open the variables dropdown. Here you will find new variables that can be added to emails like name, email etc. That means you can adjust the signoff to come from the request owner. 

Finally there are some new settings.

Under Personal settings, you can opt to cc all emails that go to your clients to yourself. 

Content Snare Update June 8

Jumping over to Company settings, you can also cc all emails to the company email. 

By default, all emails are sent so that if a client replies, it goes to the request owner. If you turn this on, it changes that to the company email. If you want all replies to come to a central ticketing system, that’s where this can be useful. 

Content Snare Update June 8

Multilingual interface

If your clients don’t speak English as their first language, you’ll soon be able to enable a different language for the entire interface. 

The setting for this can be found under Company settings. Right now you’ll only see English while we are testing our first few languages. We are currently looking for people to beta test the new languages: Spanish, German, French & Portuguese (Brazillian). 

If you would like to try one out let us know through the chat. There may be some word changes needed and we are looking for testers that are happy to look through the UI and tell us what needs to be changed. 

Other fixes

There have been a load of other fixes including:

  • Date format under Company settings is used in emails as well
  • Image fields now accept PSD, SVG, PDF, EPS & AI formats. Only PSD, SVG & PDF can be previewed. Pixel size limits to not work with these files however
  • Performance improvements to make Content Snare even faster and nicer to use

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5 thoughts on “Content Snare Update June 8”

  1. Looks great! Is there availability for the repeater to have multiple fields? Like, a group of fields? The example you used was a team page. Typically each team member would have name, photo, bio, possible facebook, twitter, linkedin. Is there a way to do this?

    • Thanks Ryan. Not yet, but it’s planned. That’s a massive change to the platform and requires a bit of thought around what it will look like to clients – cause it’s gotta be dead simple for them

  2. Hi James, you and I chatted last week about Zapier for request exports. Has anything changed since that conversation or is exporting answers to a Google Sheet still not quite an option?


    • Hey Dama! Yep I remember. We’re talking to Zapier about that at the moment and seeing if that is possible without changing our data structure entirely (which would suck)


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