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What is custom branding?

If your plan allows custom branding, this means you can:

  • Change colors to match your brand
  • Display your company logo in the sidebar
  • Send emails from your company domain

This creates a better experience for your clients if they are already used to the look and feel of your brand.

Note that changing colors only updates the client-facing parts of Content Snare: requests and emails. Your view of Content Snare does not change.

To get started, head over to Settings -> Branding.

You’ll see a screen like this.

Uploading a logo here will display your logo in the navigation sidebar when clients view a request.

You may or may not wish to do this, as this will occupy some room in the sidebar. It is perfectly acceptable to leave this area blank, and simply upload your logo into the “Request Instructions” area instead.

Set colours

Click on the 2 color rectangles to change the branding colors.

On the right hand side, you will see a preview of how these colors affect what your client will see.

If the two colours you choose don’t look good in the progress bar as they blend into each other, you can disable the option to “Use gradient fill in progress bar.”

Note that the text color on buttons is automatically selected based on how dark or light your chosen color is.

You will also see a warning if you choose a color that is too light and difficult to see on the white background.

Email domain

By default, Content Snare will use the domain contentsnare-mail.com for sending email.

The name still shows up as your own however, , and if your client replies, the reply is directed to your email address. It is just the “from” email address that is Content Snare’s.

You can change this by adding and validating your company domain.

This requires technical knowledge about DNS. Learn more about how to set this up here.

Updated on September 1, 2022

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