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document collection software

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Tired of chasing clients for documents?

Collecting documents from clients is like pulling teeth. If you request 10 documents, you’ll get 6 back. The other 4 were the critical ones you needed to start work. And so begins the process of going back-and-forth trying to get the documents you need.

With all the emails flying around, it’s hard to tell which documents you have, which version is correct and what you’re still waiting on. This destroys productivity, makes your job harder and can make you want to scream at your clients.

One can only handle so many incorrect “I already sent you that” emails.


Lauren Lopez,
Web of Arc

We didn't have a central platform for exchanging files with our clients. Not everybody is savvy enough to use Dropbox, and some clients would flood our inbox with 20 emails in a day.

Matt Byrne,
Day One Advisory

Our clients love it because they know exactly what they need to provide, they can track what they have and haven't done, and they can come back to it later. Content Snare significantly limits the amount of back and forward we have to do, and saves us a huge amount of time.

Document collection software helps you collect files fast

Content Snare is a secure document collection app that transforms the way you collect documents from clients. Simpler than a client portal, it turns what was a tangled mess into a smooth document collection process. The result is a 71% reduction in the time spent chasing clients

Intuitive and dead-simple to use, it’s your single source of truth for managing client documents. Request & approve documents in one place quickly, simply and accurately.

Create a document checklist for clients, and provide mistake-proof instructions so they upload the right documents the first time. Then enjoy freedom from chasing documents, while Content Snare sends automatic reminders to keep your clients accountable.


How does Content Snare work?

Build: Build a hassle-free, zero-confusion document checklist.
Send: Send the secure link to clients.
Remind: Automatically remind clients without passive aggressive emails.
Approve: Approve documents as they arrive or request changes.
Download: Download all uploaded files in one go.
Reuse: Save sections, pages or entire requests as templates.
Communicate: Answer questions and discuss requirements

01: Build

Build a hassle-free, zero-confusion document checklist

Request the documents you need, clearly define responsibilities and lay out mistake-proof instructions so everyone’s in sync. Even set limits on file types and sizes so you only get back what you need.

02: Send

Send the secure link to clients.

Automatically send a unique file request link to your client with a couple of clicks. Specify due dates and set an automated reminder schedule to meet deadlines. With a clear checklist and instructions, clients know exactly what's needed through the entire process.

03: Remind

Automatically remind clients without passive aggressive emails.

Deadline fast approaching with documents still missing? Content Snare sends out pre-populated, automated reminders to do the nudging for you. That way, you don't have to be the 'bad guy' and risk damaging client relationships.

04: Approve

Approve documents as they arrive or request changes.

Get notified when documents are ready for approval. Everything just right? Confirm, check it off and download all documents instantly. Client sent the wrong documents? Reject only the document that needs to be changed.

05: Download

Download all uploaded files in one go.

When everything on the document checklist is complete, download it all in one neat package. Automatically push completed requests to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive & more.

06: Reuse

Save sections, pages or entire requests as templates.

Find yourself asking clients the same questions? Create templates to save yourself even more time. Then, anyone on your team can create and send requests in a matter of seconds, by adding templates to your document collection portal.

07: Communicate

Answer questions and discuss requirements.

If your clients have questions, they can ask right there next to the item. Provide clarification and discuss what you need without starting yet another email thread.
The simplest & best document collection software
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Vander Guerrero,

"We are saving time and money with Content Snare, but it’s more than that. It alleviates the heat, miscommunication and frustration of trying to get the information we need from clients."

document collection software reminders

Gather documents

A simple, secure document collection portal

Content Snare centralizes your document collection. Instead of information spread across email, outdated client portals and online storage, it's all in one document collection tool. You’ll find everything accessible on one dashboard.

At a glance, see the progress of all outstanding requests and identify which clients are in need of a nudge.

More than just documents

Gather any kind of data at speed

Unlike most document collection software, Content Snare can request any kind of information from your clients. With a flexible solution, you can create intake forms, onboarding questionnaires as well as client document checklists. Clients can:

  • Answer text-based questions
  • Complete tables & spreadsheets
  • Upload files and documents
  • Complete tasks

You'll find loads of templates in Content Snare ready to create your document collection process.


document collection software dashboard
document collection software reminders

Simplified experience

Ridiculously easy onboarding

The key to getting your documents on time is making the process easy for your clients. Content Snare’s branded document portal is carefully crafted and tested to reduce overwhelm.

  • Answers and uploaded files are saved without any action from your client
  • A clean, distraction-free interface
  • No login required for clients (optional)


Jonathan Matta,
Visa Jobs

"Content Snare has made collecting documents from candidates so much easier and faster. Our candidates from all over the world can easily access their portal, watch videos, get information, and download templates before uploading their documents for us to check. This has saved a huge amount of time not having to send multiple emails or explaining the requirements."

document collection software reminders

Automatic reminders

Let the software do the chasing

Automated reminders make it easy to manage client documents.

Content Snare sends customizable, automatic reminder emails or SMS to your clients to save you the time & headache.

Every reminder sent to a client has a link to their secure, branded upload page. Everything they type in or upload is saved automatically, so when they receive the next reminder, they can continue where they left off. 


Fewer emails

Reduce the email back-and-forth

If a client uploads the wrong file, simply reject the document and your client will be prompted to come back and correct it. If clients have questions or you need to provide clarification, you can use the built-in discussion system to add comments directly to the file in question. 

These processes drastically cut down on email and save even more time.


document collection software example
document collection software templates


Re-use to save time

If you collect the same set of documents from all your clients, save your document request as a template.

From then on, reuse that template with each new client. It will take less than a minute to set up.

Better yet, you can automate your document collection process with our integrations.


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Candice Coker,
Total Education Solutions

"Our process was initially taking about three to four weeks with a lot of back and forth. Once we implemented Content Snare, we were able to get our process down to under two weeks, which is ideal for our business."

Ryan Furtner,

"The first request I sent was to someone who hardly knows how to use a computer. Within a day they gave me ALL the content. I am really not used to that. It was kind of amazing."

Emma Kate,
WP Mavens

"It saves the headache of all the back & forth with clients and wasting time on countless emails. But perhaps most importantly, it saves me so much brainpower and stress! No more worrying about whether clients will supply infomration on time."

Clarissa Seybold,

"My favorite part of Content Snare is that it is really, really organized. It's well-structured, and I know it's very easy for our clients to go through it. The automated emails can be generated very easily."

Automate your document collection
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