All kinds of businesses use Content Snare


Digital Agencies

Keep your projects on track while Content Snare chases your clients for:

  • Website content
  • Marketing assets
  • Onboarding questionnaires

Some agencies even use Content Snare to request content from their colleagues. 

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Let your team get back to the high-value work that they enjoy and are good at. We both know that isn't chasing clients for info. Firms use Content Snare for:

  • Client onboarding
  • Queries
  • End of year documentation

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Law Firms

If you're in a document-heavy practice area, it can take weeks and a pile of email, just to get the files you need to start work. Content Snare helps you collect:

  • Client info
  • Case documents
  • Answers to questions 

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Education companies use Content Snare in a variety of ways. If you're often chasing people for info, chances are Content Snare can help. Some of the ways it's used include: 

  • Coordinating campaigns or websites
  • Student enrollment information
  • Venue audits

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Mortgage & Finance

Gather the documents, files and data you need to process loans. Allow your customer to upload information via computer or their phone so that you get what you need in record time.

Content Snare goes beyond just files and allows your clients to answer just about any kind of question you have, without having to fill out a PDF.

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Coordinating events is difficult when you're getting information thrown at you from multiple directions. Streamline your events by using Content Snare to collect:

  • Speaker information and presentations
  • Exhibitor forms
  • Sponsor info

SaaS / Marketplaces

Whether you're onboarding high-touch enterprise clients or setting up loads of profiles on a marketplace, you need information from those customers.

Going back and forth over email eats into the profit margin for those customers and is noone's idea of a good time. Content Snare makes it easy.   

Media & Publishing

Collecting the content you need from writers, sponsors or contributors before a due date is tough.

Content Snare helps with the follow ups so you can focus on the more important things. 

Real Estate

Whether you're involved with sales or rentals, you need documents, images and answers to questions to be able to do your job. Use Content Snare to help with:

  • Questionnaires
  • Documentation
  • Imagery 

Didn't find your industry?

If you need to collect any kind of information from clients, Content Snare can probably help. It's used by 1000's of people in all kinds of industries including HR, coaching, insurance and more.

If you're not sure how it could work for you, or have some questions, just drop us a line.

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With a job to do, goals to hit and a business to run, chasing content and documents around in circles is the last thing you need.

Content Snare frees up your time, energy and headspace to focus on getting your job done, growing your business or, simply, just enjoying more spare time back in your day.

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