“At my agency, every single project was held up because of content.”

Get website content from your clients without the hassle.

Waiting for content sucks

It usually stops projects dead in their tracks. Almost every web designer has to...

Constantly chase up clients.

Dig through tons of emails and documents full of different formatting and confusing content.

Waste hours reformatting and deciphering that content to get it ready for the website.

Stop chasing clients for content

Let Content Snare do it for you.

Extract content from your clients

Content Snare automates the content gathering process to save you hours of your precious time every website you build.

Lay out required content in a clear, easy structure so that your clients know exactly what is required.


Let Content Snare do all the chasing and following up. The only email you'll get is when all the content is ready to go.


Copy and paste the content right into the website without reformatting or removing inline instructions.

Think of it as a forms app on steroids.


How it works

Everything you need to make the content process totally painless.

Set and forget

Plug in the info and content you need from your clients, punch in the client's contact details and sit back. Let Content Snare do all the chasing for you.

The perfect structure

Plan out the content areas on the website and get back exactly what you need, ready for use on the website.

Any kind of content

Do you gather special information from your clients or give them options for their website? Use WYSIWYG, checkboxes, dropdowns and file uploads to get everything in one go.

Web ready content

Instead of dealing with all kinds of formatting inside Word documents, get your content ready to copy and paste right into the final website.

See progress at a glance

See outstanding content and percent complete with a quick glace of your colour coded dashboard. You'll know exactly where each project is up to at all times.

Reusable templates

Chances are you'll be gathering a lot of the same content from multiple clients. Easily reuse templates from previous clients and from our template library.


Content Snare has only just been launched. The final pricing is $29-$69 per month.
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It's like you read my mind!

Before Content Snare I had an ongoing struggle collecting website content in full and on time with approximately 90% of my clients. Some projects dragged on for months due to this one issue. I tried to help guide my clients with this, so I created some Google forms for them to fill out. It kind of worked although it wasn't ideal and definitely not the streamlined and efficient process I was hoping for...

Then, in steps Content Snare... It is truly amazing, I have created template forms and client lists, and in a couple of clicks I can send the requests to my clients to fill out and return. Each client has their own folder where all of their content is collated... perfect! This will make my projects a whole lot quicker to complete (and a whole lot of time saved chasing clients!) Thank you!

Cat Bentley - The Indie Design Co


Does This Sound Familiar?

"At my agency, every single project was backed up because of content".

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Think of it as a forms app on steroids. You lay out all the content you need from your clients using a variety of fields. You structure this into sections & tabs and send to your client. It then chases your client up via email with a set of emails and date based rules that you define.

Am I locked in to a contract?

Absolutely not. You get a 14 days free to try it out, and after that you can cancel at any time, for any reason.

Can I get support?

For sure. Right in the app there is a live chat button you can click to get help. There's also a video to help you get set up and even a video you can send to your clients so you don't have to train them how to use the system.

How often does it contact my clients?

That's totally up to you. There is a default "communication template", but you can create as many follow ups as you like. You can view all scheduled emails and content due dates on the schedules screen.

I'm not a web designer, can I still use Content Snare?

Absoutely. While our marketing is aimed at web designers, lots of different people are using Content Snare. This includes bookkeepers, digital marketers, coaches and engineers.

Can I re-use the same request on multiple clients?

Yep. You do this by saving a request as a template. You can use that template on as many clients as you like.

What is an active request?

Plans are generally limited by how many active requests you have. We define this as a request that is incomplete or outstanding. You can free up a request by archiving it or completing all the content in it.

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