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Organized file & document collection

Content Snare helps you collect borrower documents faster, onboard clients more easily and process more lending applications every month. It’s organized document collection, without the mind-numbing back and forth emails, messy hacked together systems and confusing shared docs.
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Receive borrower documents in half the time

Here are a few ways mortgage and finance brokers use Content Snare to save time and impress their clients

Intake Forms

Gather all the information you need to start the job, without the constant email back-and-forth and attachment overload. Customers report an average 71% reduction in turnaround time.

Document Requests

Request client files, documents and information from your clients. They can answer questions or upload what you need in one, easy-to-use system. Automatic reminders keep them accountable. 

Any Client Requests

Any time you'd normally send an email to a client requesting information, Content Snare simplifies the process. Client questions, discussion and information is contained in Content Snare to avoid unncessary email trails.

Forever chasing clients for documents? 

We feel you

When you’re dealing with other people’s money and their future, everything rides on documentation and error-free records. 

So, having to decipher manuscript-length email chains and chase IDs, payslips and income statements drains your productivity, makes borrowing harder, and is no one’s idea of a positive client experience.

One single missing document or error in your records can bring the entire lending process to a screeching halt – or end it completely. Sure, you do your best. But with all the emails flying around, it can be hard to tell what info you have, which amendment is the correct one  and what’s missing.

When you’re caught in this borrowing chaos, clients are left wondering if they’ll get the money they need for their home. Lenders are left waiting. And it slows down the  application process – and delays your commissions.

Stop chasing content

Make it come to you

Content Snare transforms the way you gather documents from your clients. Turning a tangled mess into a smooth end-to-end process that frees up your time and boosts productivity.

Intuitive and dead simple to use, it’s your single source of truth. Plan, request and approve content and documents in one place quickly, simply and accurately. 

Give your clients and team mistake-proof instructions and requirements, then enjoy liberating freedom from chasing documents. 

Your clients will never be in doubt what’s needed. And your team will always know the status of the application process (and give a gentle nudge to clients when needed).

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1500+ companies use Content Snare to collect over 210,000 pieces of content & documents each and every month

Kim Ta,
Quality Coffee Institute

"Before Content Snare, it probably took me 5 times longer on average to get what I needed. Now, it takes me 15 minutes to review what I have. Before, there was a lot of waiting for emails and things getting lost. It's cut down all of that."

Brian Goodwin,

“Content Snare is like our newest team member. We just don’t have to pay a payroll and benefits to it, but it’s doing the job that we would have had a person do and doing it better."

Our Plans Include

Unlimited clients / recipients

Create as many clients or recipients as you need.

Unlimited reminders

Set up as many email reminders as you like for each request.

Unlimited questions & upload areas

Requests can include any number of questions or file uploads.

Unlimited templates

Save requests or sections as templates to use again later.

Drag and drop request builder

Set up as many email reminders as you like for each request.

Simple client portal

Your clients get a link where they can access their request at any time from any device.

Approval system

Approve questions or send them back for changes if needed.

Pre-made email templates

Get started quickly without writing your own reminder emails..


Use Content Snare as part of a greater workflow.

Collect anything, not just documents

Streamline more than just your client document collection. Content Snare can request any kind of information from your clients. Use it for

  • Client onboarding
  • Intake forms
  • Client document checklists

Or anything that requires client input

You'll find loads of templates in Content Snare ready to go.

Spend time on things that matter

Let Content Snare chase clients for you.

It sends automatic, periodic reminders to your clients to save your team time and sanity.

Having a central place for all your client documents means:

  • You know where to find everything
  • Every little change doesn't add yet another email to the trail
  • Nothing gets lost

Once you approve a document, it's locked in to prevent changes. If they uploaded the wrong file, simply reject the document and your client will be prompted to come back and correct it.

Once their finished, download all your documents in one click.

Use templates to save more time

Set up your document checklist once and you'll never have to do it again.

Collect the same set of documents from all your clients by saving your document request as a template and reusing it on all future clients.

You can even save parts of the request as templates, like building blocks that you use to create large requests quickly.

Better yet, you can automate the process with our integrations.


Simplify client communication

Say goodbye to endless email trails.

If your clients have questions, they can ask right there inside the platform.

This eliminates those neverending email trails full of questions, sporadic attachments and incorrect information.

Start collecting documents today

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