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The stress-free way to request files, documents and information from clients. It's like a file checklist for your clients with automatic reminders.

No catches. No credit card required.
Just a lot less stress.

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Companies use Content Snare to collect 45,000+ files every month

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Secure and simple

Do you need to collect files and information from clients?

Right now are you using email and shared drives?

This is a massive waste of time. It's way too hard to keep track of what has been submitted, if the client sent the wrong file or if something just got lost in the email universe.

Then there's the endless email back-and-forth. That's nobody's idea of a good time.

The resulting delay prevents projects from starting on time and kills profitability.

Content Snare handles all your file requests. Your client can see exactly what is required, upload everything in one place and is periodically reminded automatically.

Better yet, unlike typical file request tools, Content Snare can help you collect other information that your client types directly into the tool.

Request any files or information

With the drag-and-drop builder, you can request any kind of file, info or document. It could be as simple as their name or an entire questionnaire with multiple files and images.

Businesses in 62 countries use Content Snare to collect files, including

  • Digital agencies - web and marketing content
  • Law firms - files and scanned documents
  • Mortgage & Finance- supporting documentation
  • Accountants - tax documentation
  • Marketing Teams - internal documentation and collaboration
  • Event Planners - Speaker & vendor information
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Get organized and save time

Having everything in one place saves hours. When you don't have to dig through emails and mark off checklists, your life gets a lot easier.

Better yet, Content Snare automatically emails your clients to remind them of what they need to do/ Just another thing you don't have to do.

If they provide the wrong file, simply click a button, explain what is wrong and send a change request without leaving the platform.

When you're ready, download everything with one click.

Send file requests in seconds

Once you've created your first file request, there's no need to set it all up again.

Save it as a template and re-use it for all your future clients. You can even save small sections of a request to re-use later.

Create as many as you want - one for every kind of client you work with.

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Take it for a spin

If you're ready to streamline your file requests and create an amazing experience for your clients, give Content Snare a try for free.
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