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This is a range of feedback from Content Snare users. These are digital agencies, web designers and organisations who have drastically improved their businesses and client relationships.

Jarrod from the App Match is saving over an hour a day that used to be spent trying to collect information from clients.

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Imogen set up her first project and had received most of her content within 2 hours. She puts it down to having a clear structure and a tool like Content Snare that made it extremely easy for her client.

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It made the process soooo much easier.

I definitely recommend it to other web designers because it takes the pressure off.

Cool product and I look forward to seeing how it continues to grow!


Fresh Medley Designs


It used to require constant nagging, phone calls and emails to get content. We'd have to develop the website without content, and it would sit there for 6 months. Then we'd get a call saying "We need to go live tomorrow."

I used the website template that was built-in to Content Snare to get started quickly.

Clients now understand that the responsibility is on them and have been much more active in providing their content.

It's even opened up some opportunities to upsell clients to other services.

Give it try! I guarantee you'll fall in love with it.

Jo Minney

Dev House


I've used Content Snare for a couple of projects. It's helped a 2 year + project get its feet off the ground which was waiting for content to be delivered. I put this down to the clear outline of content needed and the ticking off of tasks plus the regular generated emails. Awesome, cause getting projects finished is the ultimate!

Tony Zwies

Yellow Design

Cat Bentley - The Indie Design Co

I had an ongoing struggle collecting website content on time with 90% of my clients. Some projects dragged on for months due to this one issue.

In steps Content Snare... It is truly amazing. In a couple of clicks I can send the requests to my clients to fill out. Each client has their own folder where all of their content is collated... perfect!

Cat Bentley

The Indie Design Co

Jennifer Ward

I LOVE this system for acquiring information from clients. So much of it is already done for me and with a few tweaks, I can send the form and the client know exactly what they need to provide.

Jennifer Ward

J Ward Design Studio


My client is now totally enthusiastic about giving me the content! It takes some preparation on my part to set up the initial structure, but the results are fantastic in terms of collecting that content!

Imogen Allen

Umbrella Digital


Not only does it lay out what's needed & when, giving a client the ability to come back & fill in as they can, it also reminds the client to do it.

Fabulous productivity improver AND makes it clear to a client where the holdup is - themselves! No aggro required. Such a good idea.

Tony Phelps

Winch Websites


This is *exactly* what this industry has needed for, like, 1000 years.

Getting content in the right way and in a timely fashion regularly makes the difference between success/profitability vs zero profitability + a whole load of heartache!

Dave Foy

Design Build Web


As someone who ran a design agency for 9 years, I can tell you THE reason we chucked it in was jobs being slowed down because of content.

It is without any chance of a doubt the biggest reason to not get your work done. If you're in the client services business and they need to give you content, this is absolutely the way forward.

Adam Hempenstall


I used Content Snare for the first time, and I love it. It's helpful for my clients to learn how to create content for their website once we launch it.

Also, the fact that I don't need to remind my clients to send me their content constantly? It's a dream come true for me.

Annalyn Aguilar

Neatly Commented

Meli Silverberg

I cannot say enough about this gem!

When a designer is waiting for content, site dev/design can take an eternity. That has stopped due to this kickass Content Snare system. I am able to have information readily available before the site build even begins. THAT is priceless to me.

Content Snare has allowed me to lower my overall client bottlenecks, in turn allowing me to take on more clients

My clients love the process as well and many have said they would have been lost in the process without it.

Thanks guys for being so amazing, and forward thinking - this is hands-down the BEST system and I am a total fan!!

Meli Silverberg

Branding Rebel

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