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How NGR Accounting embraced digital document collection using Content Snare

When this Sydney-based accounting firm swapped legacy tools for Content Snare, it unleashed a smarter, more client-friendly way to gather documents and information.

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Digital transformation is an ongoing process rather than an overnight decision. With so many systems and tools to rethink, it can be hard to know where to start. As a result, businesses often have a mixture of modern systems that run smoothly and outdated ones that don’t.

Take accounting, for example. Virtually all firms now use modern accounting software to help them manage their clients’ books or prepare tax returns. But many firms still rely on outdated processes when it comes to gathering client documents and information. 

The key to getting digital transformation right is to spot those repetitive processes that are taking too much time to complete — and then look for the best tools to streamline and automate them. 

Read on to learn how NGR Accounting did just that, transforming its document-collection process using Content Snare. 

Not broken, but not perfect

NGR Accounting is an accounting practice based in Sydney, Australia. As part of their tax return services, they have to gather a lot of information and documents from clients. 

Their process for doing this involved using a checklist form that clients would go through before submitting either electronic documents by email or paper documents in person, which would then be scanned and uploaded manually. 

While this process wasn’t exactly broken, it was clear that it was taking an unnecessary amount of time and effort. Around this time, CPA and founding partner Nathan Rigney started discussing this issue with his staff.

My staff and I were talking about how there’s only so many hours in a day to get the job done. We just needed to be more efficient in the way we did our work, and the current system we were using — well, it was OK, but it wasn’t perfect.

The search for a better alternative began. 

Discovering Content Snare

The team thought about what they needed from a new solution. Being a very client-focused firm, they wanted a tool that would enable them to deliver a better client experience. 

They also wanted a solution that would deliver more efficient processes, allowing them to get more work done with less. This would also enable them to deliver a faster, slicker service for their clients while keeping fees in line with expectations.

When the team came across Content Snare, it seemed to tick all of these boxes, so they decided to give it a go and signed up for the free trial. Their plan was that if it didn’t allow them to achieve their goals, they’d move on to the next solution. Thankfully, it did, and they’ve been using it ever since. 

A seamless digital experience for accountants and clients

The NGR Accounting team are now in their second year using Content Snare, and it has made a huge difference to the way the firm operates. They use it primarily for individual tax returns, but they are planning to extend its scope to collecting information from clients who are setting up new structures. 

Content Snare has vastly reduced the time it takes to gather client documents and information. Where they once had to scan paper copies, they now get everything they need without lifting a finger. 

Not having to physically scan files is just one cost saving we’re experiencing, which means that we can move on to the next job faster.

They’ve also made use of our Zapier integration, creating a ‘zap’ between Content Snare and their document management system. Once a request is complete in the former, the documents are automatically sent to the latter. 

Another game-changer is Content Snare’s built-in security features, including encryption at rest and in transit, user authentication, and network isolation. This gives both clients and accountants peace of mind that documents are safe at all times. 

What our clients like is that the documents are being uploaded safely. That’s really important from a cybersecurity perspective. You can email documents, but it’s not 100% safe. Uploading those documents to Content Snare gives us that extra security around personal information.

Besides efficiency-saving and security, Content Snare has enabled the NGR team to provide a far superior client experience. While some clients are more reluctant to ‘going digital’ than others, Content Snare’s usability and security speak for themselves. 

Is it time you digitised your document-gathering process?

If you are still relying on outdated processes and tools to gather client information and documents, there is a better way. With Content Snare, you can streamline and automate the entire process of requesting and gathering information. 

But don’t take our word for it. Why not do what NGR Accounting did and sign up for a free trial

NGR Accounting


NGR Accounting is an accounting, tax, and advisory firm. They help businesses grow and succeed financially, with a strong focus on an outstanding client experience.


The firm’s current document-gathering processes weren’t broken, but there was plenty of room for improvement when it comes to efficiency and time-saving.


Content Snare has enabled the NGR team to provide a better, faster, and more secure process for requesting and gathering client information.




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