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Content Snare is an alternative to FileInvite for collecting documents and files from your clients. It's incredibly simple for your clients to use, meaning you'll get what you need faster. 

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fileinvite alternative

Content Snare vs FileInvite

Many business use Content Snare as a File Invite alternative, but they are not direct replacements. It depends what you want to achieve.

What Content Snare Is

Ultimate simplicity.

FileInvite creates a portal where your clients can upload files and complete PDFs online. Technically, it does both of these well.

With Content Snare you can also create your own portal. The key difference is that it's a dream for your clients to use. When you're asking for information from your clients, that's really important.

When the process is simple for your clients, you'll get the files you need faster. If the process is difficult, they'll avoid following your instructions and ultimately end up frustrated at their experience of working with you.

When evaluating systems, put yourself in your clients shoes. Imagine you're receiving an invite for the first time. Is it extremely clear where they need to click, and what they need to do?

Content Snare provides the simplest client experience available.

file invite alternative

What Content Snare isn't

If you're looking for a FileInvite alternative that needs to collect payments or digital signatures, Content Snare may not be a fit - for these you'd need an external tool.

Currently Content Snare does now allow for PDF filling. In most cases, we don't recommend this anyway as PDFs are complex an unwiedly for clients to complete.

The alternative is to create a questionnaire with instructions for every question, so your client knows exactly what they need to do.

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1000+ companies use Content Snare to collect over 100,000 pieces of content & documents each and every month

Simple client experience

The client-facing portal in Content Snare goes through constant testing and development to ensure it requires zero learning and is lighting fast.

There's only one thing for your client to focus on at a time, making the process much easier. 


Vander Guerrero,

“We are saving time and money with Content Snare, but it's more than that. It alleviates the heat, miscommunication and frustration of trying to get the information we need from clients.”

Collect more than just files


With Content Snare you can request any kind of information from your clients. If you want them to type in something like a phone number, ID number or any kind of text, that's easy. Provide instructions for each question individually to make sure they get it right the first time.

In FileInvite they have to type into a PDF. If you need to explain any items on the PDF, it has to be done in a separate thread.

Manage changes

Clients often get things wrong or send the wrong file by accident.

Normally you have to write an email explain which file the problem is in, what's wrong, and what they need to do to fix it. If your client doesn't follow your instructions to the letter, they'll end up in the wrong place.


In Content Snare, you can mark a single item as needing an update from your client. They'll get a email taking them right to where they need to be to make the change.

How you can use Content Snare

Mortgage and Finance

Collect onboarding documents and files from clients.


Send document requests to your clients to close month or year end faster.


Collect case files and documents from your clients with ease.

Event Planning

Gather vendor, supplier or speaker info for your event.

Digital Agencies

Collect website or marketing content, case studies, reviews & FAQs.

Many more

Other industries that use Content Snare include marketing, HR, education & real estate. Collect any information from anyone, faster.

Jarrod Robinson,
The App Match

"After moving to Content Snare, we’ve got this completely seamless process, and we’ve had people comment about how easy it was for them to get the information to us."

Brian Goodwin,

"Content Snare is like our newest team member. We just don’t have to pay a payroll and benefits to it, but it’s doing the job that we would have had a person do and doing it better."

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