Approve & Reject

Manage change requests without email

Keep track of which items you’ve already checked by approving them. If something needs to be revised by your client, request changes right there inside Content Snare, without having to send yet another email.
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No strings, catches or credit card required. 
Just enjoy a lot less stress.
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Simple progress tracking

Keep track of which items have already been checked by you or your team. When approved, questions are marked in green and locked from further changes.



Simple change requests

If you need anything adjusted or re-uploaded by your client, just click the reject button and write a message to your client about what they need to change. They’ll receive a link that brings them directly to the question that needs editing, and it’ll be highlighted in the navigation. This removes the need for yet another email thread.

Vander Guerrero,

"We are saving time and money with Content Snare, but it’s more than that. It alleviates the heat, miscommunication and frustration of trying to get the information we need from clients."

Take the stress out of gathering client info
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Content Snare removes chasing content and documents from your to-do list, freeing up your time, energy and headspace to focus on getting your job done, growing your business or, simply, just enjoying more spare time back in your day.
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