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Content Snare is the smart, stress-free way to onboard new clients.

Collect everything you need from clients in one simple, secure onboarding portal.

Automatic reminders keep clients accountable and let you work on more important things than chasing clients.

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Forever chasing clients for information?

We feel you

Onboarding new clients means you need information from them. Whether you're asking them to fill out a form or send over documents, it's like pulling teeth.

You can send a client onboarding checklist over via email, but you'll end up chasing them for weeks (or months). When you finally get some information back it'll be across 57 emails, and half of it won't even be the right stuff.

Navigating this process drains your productivity, makes your job harder, and is no one’s idea of a good time.

Lauren Lopez,
Web of Arc

We didn't have a central platform for exchanging files with our clients. Not everybody is savvy enough to use Dropbox, and some clients would flood our inbox with 20 emails in a day.

1000+ companies use Content Snare to collect over 100,000 pieces of content & documents each and every month

Lauren Lopez,
Web of Arc

We decided to move forward with Content Snare because we had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the clients we were testing it on.

Use client onboarding software

Make information come to you

Content Snare transforms the way you onboard new clients. It's client onboarding software that turns a tangled mess into a smooth process for both you and your clients.

Create an onboarding checklist for your clients which they can complete on their own time. Content Snare's automatic reminders keep them accountable and nudge them to complete their onboarding before the due date.

When they're done, you'll have everything you need from all your clients in one place.

Your clients will never be in doubt what you need them to do. Your team will always know the status of the process. The result is more free time and boosted productivity.

simple client onboarding software
The simplest client onboarding software
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Tired of the constant email threads when you onboard new clients? Use Content Snare to create a professional, simple onboarding experience for your clients. They'll love you for making it easy for them. You'll get what you need in less than half the time.

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Vander Guerrero,

"We are saving time and money with Content Snare, but it’s more than that. It alleviates the heat, miscommunication and frustration of trying to get the information we need from clients."

Collect everything you need in one place

Think of it like a client onboarting portal where you can request any kind of information or task from your clients. Anything they type in or save is immediately saved. That ensures nothing gets lost and everyone knows the status of the onboarding process.

Ask clients to:

  • Fill out a form
  • Upload files or documents
  • Complete a task

It's dead simple for them to use so you'll get what you need faster and keep clients happy at the same time.

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No more chasing clients

Constantly chasing clients is a productivity killer.

Content Snare sends automatic, periodic reminders to your clients to save you time, and to keep them accountable.

If they make a mistake or upload the wrong thing, simply reject the item and your client will be prompted to come back and correct it.

Once their fnished, download all your client info in one click, or send it to other systems with our integrations.

Use templates to save more time

If your clients go through the same onboarding, save your onboarding checklist request as a template.

From then on, reuse that template with each new client. It will take less than a minute to set up.

Content Snare has loads of templates ready to go, to help you get set up in record time.

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The simplest client onboarding software

If you're tired of chasing clients for information, try our client onboarding software.

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