Our Editorial Guidelines

We started Content Snare to help you save significant time collecting information from people you work with.

Not only do we provide a tool that speeds up a painful process. We also like to think we do a good job at dishing out helpful business advice too.

The Content Snare blog is home to a wealth of information on productivity and automation On any given day, we release how-to guides, software reviews, or sharing tips to help you run a more efficient business.

We write for accountants, bookkeepers, marketing agencies, creative professionals, lawyers, and just about any type of business that wants to figure out how to do things better and faster. 

Sharing the notion that content is king, we’re always more than happy to give away our best insights for free!

Why trust in our content? 

We hold ourselves to the highest standards when publishing content. Here’s how we decide what to write about, how we research it, and how we make sure it’s actually valuable. 

Original writing

We have a strict hiring process so that we can hire writers who are great communicators, strong researchers, and who bring a wealth of life experience to the topics they write about. While we have nothing against using AI for topic inspiration and research, we work with skilled writers to deliver content that’s unique, helpful, and original. 

Subject matter expertise

We work with writers who consider themselves experts on the topics they’re writing about, whether that’s data compliance regulations or the growing pains of a freelance business. You can count on the fact that we infuse as much real-world experience and perspective into our content to give you real-world examples you can relate to. 

Heavily researched 

All our articles are the result of a thorough research process. We make sure to fact-check any information that we share with our audience for accuracy and don't make any recommendations lightly. If you read it on our site, you can rest assured it’s been looked into. 

Peer reviewed

We peer-review all of our content and bring in subject matter experts to review and fact-check our more technical articles so you’re always getting truthful and accurate information. 


It’s important to us to deliver the most current information that we can. Our editorial team regularly evaluates our content to make sure it includes the most updated information, statistics, and relevant news. 

Free of sponsorships

We get that some brands are willing to pay good money for exposure, but that’s not what we’re about. We make it a point to feature only the best options on the market based on our unbiased research and real customer reviews. We occasionally may use a referral link that pays us a commission if you decide to sign up, we only ever do this on products that we love and actually use.

Our tone of voice 

The last thing we want is for our content to sound boring, complicated, or like everything else that already exists out there. 

We write in a casual and conversational tone of voice. We don’t think it’s necessary to use jargon if it’s not necessary. We’ll also gladly break a few grammar rules in favour of making our writing more casual. 

We cut the fluff and get to the point, remembering that people are just as busy as we are.

We use humour tastefully where it makes sense, and without forcing it. 

We use examples wherever possible to relate to your challenges and day-to-day life as best that we can.

Have feedback?

We love hearing from our readers. If you have a suggestion or comment about our content, please let us know at [email protected]