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Content Snare is the smart, stress free way to gather content from clients without the mind-numbing back and forth emails, messy hacked-together systems and confusing shared docs.

It's the simpler, cost-effective alternative to Gather Content.

No catches. No credit card required.
Just a lot less stress.

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Content Snare vs Gather Content

Many agencies use Content Snare as a Gather Content alternative, but they are not direct replacements.

It depends what you want to achieve.

What Content Snare Is

Content Snare makes it easy for clients to give you content.

When you're working with clients who aren't tech-savvy, even a little complexity causes friction and delays.

With its easy navigation and interactive workflow, it doesn't take an advanced IT degree to pick up Content Snare.

What Content Snare isn't

If you're looking for a Gather Content alternative to managing large scale website projects with 100's of pages, many stakeholders and custom content workflows, Content Snare may not fit your needs.


“We rolled it out to our clients and they found it really easy to use. They actually found it simpler than Google Docs & Google Sheets!”

— Jenny Bowler, Huga

Companies use Content Snare to collect 45,000+ items every month

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No more content headaches

Gathering content is one of the biggest bottlenecks faced by digital agencies.

Whether you're building websites or marketing campaigns, almost every project grinds to a halt when clients take too long to send content.

When it finally comes back, it's across 800 emails with huge attachments. No one likes digging through email trails to find that one line of copy the client said they changed.

Content Snare helps digital agencies gather content on time, in a format that is ready to use, without mind-numbing email trails and messy shared docs.

No catches. No credit card required.
Just a lot less stress.

“We are saving time and money with Content Snare, but it's more than that. It alleviates the heat, miscommunication and frustration of trying to get the information we need from clients.”

Vander Guerrero, VP Customer Experience, EventMobi

Gather anything, not just content

Request any kind of information from your clients. Content Snare is used for:

gather content
get content from clients

Spend time on things that matter

Constantly chasing clients for content is a needless waste.

Content Snare automatically follows up your clients to save your team time and more importantly, sanity.

Having a central place for all content means:

  1. Your clients know where to go and what to do
  2. Every little change doesn't add yet another email to the trail
  3. Nothing gets lost

Once content is approved by you, it's locked in to prevent changes. If you need changes, request them without leaving Content Snare.

Create requests in minutes

You'll ask many clients the same questions, or request the same content. That applies to questionnaires, marketing campaigns, common website sections (like a hero header), and more.

Reuse these items by saving them as templates. You can save an entire request (e.g. a website), an individual page (e.g. about page) or a section (e.g. contact details)

Set everything up once and you'll never have to do it again.

content and marketing request remplates
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