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Client imports

Import your existing clients via CSV or from some popular tools like Xero.

Template editing

Easier editing of existing request templates.


Options to change colours, logos, "from address" for emails and embed your own help.

Restricted information field

Mark questions as restricted to increase their security. Once upload by clients they can only be viewed by you. Easily remove the data once you are done with it. 

Multiple clients per request

For when there is more than one person that needs to provide info.

Digital signatures and PDF generation

Ability for people to digitally sign documents and to generate PDFs with responses. The simplicity of Content Snare meets PDFs. No more ugly form fills. 

Better client view for multiple requests

When you send multiple requests to a single client, they will have the option to view all of them from one dashboard so they can easily see what is still outstanding. 

Repeatable sections

Allow clients to repeat a section multiple times - good for eCommerce products, team members etc.

Dashboard & activity feed

At a glance, you will be able to gauge who you are waiting on, what items need your attention and see what items have been provided recently.