Zapier integration

To be able to send requests to clients from Zapier and trigger Zaps when fields or requests are completed.

Better template system

Improved template system to build requests. This may include folders, descriptions and previews. At the same time we'll include better built in templates. 

Multi-answer fields (repeater)

Allow clients to provide multiple answers to a field. An example is team member names, where your client could hit a '+' button to continue adding names

Request owners

Request owners will allow filtering of requests based on the team member who is responsible for them. Email templates will also be customizable with the team members' name.

Dashboard & activity feed

At a glance, you will be able to gauge who you are waiting on, what items need your attention and see what items have been provided recently.

Better client view for multiple requests

When you send multiple requests to a single client, they will have the option to view all of them from one dashboard so they can easily see what is still outstanding. 

Multiple languages

Ability to change the language of the interface


Instead of only having a reject reason field, you'll be able to have conversations on each field/section with your clients. Google Docs style.


Options to change colours, logos, "from address" for emails and embed your own help.

ContentSnare-Logotype-03 (Custom)

Content Snare simplifies the process of getting content from clients. Try it out for free with a 14-day trial.