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Running a web design business requires some serious juggling skills. You have to manage developers (or do it yourself), make sure processes are fully completed, communicate with the client and a handle a fistful of other tasks, all at the same time.

The most important thing is that all these moving parts must come together into a final product which the client loves. But that shouldn’t come at the expense of your profit or sanity.

Somehow on top of this you need to keep new leads coming in the door. There just isn’t enough time in the day to stay on top of everything.
This is the exact same problem we faced over years of building client websites.

We noticed that following up clients for content was one of those things that ate up huge amounts of time, is a huge pain in the butt and provides little benefit to the business.

In other words, it’s just one of those things you shouldn’t have to do.

Enter Content Snare

We spoke to a group of local designers and developers, and it turned out that everyone felt the same way. Something needed to be done. Content Snare went into development immediately after that.

Content Snare now helps web design businesses extract content from the clients on autopilot, saving hours of wasted time and loads of unnecessary stress. It’s one piece in the puzzle of giving web designers their life back.


The Content Snare blog is all about the business side of running a web design business. Sure, there will be some tech stuff in there too but the main focus is providing you with what you need to scale, automate and run a better business.

It’s another piece in that puzzle of helping web designers get their life back. Notice a common theme here?

Check out the blog HERE. To get your hands on business-changing info as soon as it is released, sign up by clicking HERE.


Content Snare is the brainchild of Aktura Technology. We were once a website development company, but have since devoted our efforts to two things:

  1. Giving web designers their time and sanity back
  2. Building custom web apps and software

Part 1 is what you see here. The Content Snare blog and the software itself.

For part 2, we work with web designers to handle those jobs that require heavy custom development and are beyond their usual scope. This allows them to build credibility with their clients and make some extra money.

If you’d like to talk to us about this opportunity, click HERE.


Content Snare is part of Aktura Technology, a web app and SaaS development company. Web designers work with us to expand their capabilities. If clients ever approach you to build something that you can’t quite handle in-house, drop us a line.

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