For several years, two guys built up a small web agency. They grew it to over 10 staff over 6 countries, building websites and software for clients. They worked with small, single founder clients through to a major ASX50 company.

Like most web agencies, they were constantly overworked, stressed and struggled to balance marketing with delivering projects.

No matter the size or type client, there was almost always a bottleneck getting information from clients. In fact, almost every project would stall due to missing content.

To keep things moving, it required sending a series of follow-ups to their clients. They found it hard to balance sending reminders. On one side, following up kept projects on track. On the other, over doing it made them seem like a pest and sabotaged client relationships.

Then when content finally arrived, it required hours of sorting, deciphering and yet more back and forth with the client to get it ready for use.

They tried using other tools like Dropbox, Google Drive and forms. Clients either found them hard to use, or still managed to find ways to send things the wrong way.

In the end, they were back to square one. With so much time wasted, there had to be a better way.

One day they sat down to work out a better way. First they interviewed 15 agencies to see if they had the same problems and if they had any solutions.

The feedback on getting content from clients...

  • "It's the biggest pain in the ass"
  • "It made me want to leave the industry"
  • "Every single project was backed up because of content"

Clearly the problem was bigger than they thought.

This kicked off the planning and design which turned into Content Snare.

Enter Content Snare

Now Content Snare is used by 100s of agencies to streamline their client communications and gather content from those clients.  It saves hours of wasted time and is a stress relief in those business. It’s one piece in the puzzle of giving web designers their life back.

Web agencies are some of the most overworked businesses in the planet. The Content Snare are on a mission to change that.



Content Snare is part of Aktura Technology, a web app and SaaS development company. Web designers work with us to expand their capabilities. If clients ever approach you to build something that you can’t quite handle in-house, drop us a line.