Before Content Snare...

...we ran a web design and software development business. Starting in 2010, with a single product in the SEO industry, the business evolved to include website design and development, then web applications and finally mobile apps.

We quickly realised that having good processes simplified almost every part of running a business. This didn’t come about because we’re especially clever… it was simply because things often fell apart when no process was in place. Especially when clients were involved in the process.

Eventually, our agency had processes for just about everything - including how clients should contact us. This meant we could get more done in the same time, and stress levels dropped dramatically.

With our heart’s set on improving processes, we helped clients with this as well. Our second SaaS product, Silver Siphon, simplified Stripe and Xero bookkeeping. After 3 years, Silver Siphon was acquired by an investment firm based in Silicon Valley.

How it started

While we’d love to, we can’t take credit for the idea.

The original idea was to improve the process of briefing websites. But through conversations with local agencies, it all changed before it even started.

We asked agencies about the biggest bottlenecks in their process. Every single agency spoke about content collection.

It drew some passionate responses.

  • "It's the biggest pain in the ass"
  • "It made me want to leave the industry"
  • "Every single project was backed up because of content"

This problem needed a solution.

The mission

It’s simple: Help digital and creative agencies save time, increase profitability and provide an awesome experience to their clients.

This mission extends beyond Content Snare. We try to help agencies and freelancers in as many ways as we can:

Here are some of the epic guests who have been on the podcast.


The team

James Rose - Co-Founder & Marketing

James handles most of the talking. You’ll find him in the Facebook group, on the podcast and likely helping out with support.

Ways to win James over: talk about beer or snowboarding. Or compliment his dog.

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Mark Beljaars - Co-Founder & Tech

Mark is our resident genius. Co-founder and CTO,  he manages the development and writes a bunch of the code, making sure it’s top-notch.

Bernie Santos-ocampo - Management & Support

Bernie is a jack-of-all-trades. She’s like the glue, holding everything together. On top of managing, you’ll find her helping out with support, the newsletter and social media.

Paul Matunog - WordPress Lead

Paul makes WordPress stuff happen, from building new sites like Agency Highway, through to making sure everything is working as it should.

Paul Ovechkin - Back-end Lead

He’s the one who makes things happen under the hood. As the lead back-end developer, Paul builds the engine behind the software.


Content Snare is part of Aktura Technology, a web app and SaaS development company. Web designers work with us to expand their capabilities. If clients ever approach you to build something that you can’t quite handle in-house, drop us a line.