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About Us

Client experience is everything

This is the driving force behind every decision we make.

Make it easy and fun for your clients to send you information, and you'll get what you need faster. If they see it as a big, painful task, they'll drag their feet (or not even reply). You'll get frustrated and your projects will stall.

We learned this the hard way. Now, every new feature goes through a process to make it as easy as possible for you and your clients.

Is this slower? Yep. Is it worth it? Absolutely. This is why our customers report a 71% decrease in time chasing clients for information. 

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How it started

We can't take the credit

We started as a digital agency. Like many agencies, getting content from clients was the biggest bottleneck in our process. Every single agency we spoke to had the same problem. Chasing clients for infomation was not only a massive waste of time, but a source of frustration for both agencies and their clients.

Content Snare was created to fix this. So for the first few years, it became a must-have tool for many agencies.

But as it turns out, any business with clients (there's quite a lot of them) needs information. They typically don't fancy spending valuable time chasing clients for it.

This wasn't obvious to us until businesses across many industries began signing up and sending us nice messages about how much time they'd saved. These forward-thinking customers had discovered a new way to use the product and ultimately changed the direction of Content Snare.

Now, Content Snare helps business across many industries, including accounting, bookkeeping, legal, finance and education.


Core values

Keep it simple

People have enough on their plate already. Strive to keep things simple, from the product to communication.  

Be productive

Work on things that drive the most impact, and systemize repetitive tasks.

Always be helpful

Communicate well, help people get results and accept all feedback. 


Our mission extends beyond Content Snare. We want to help you run a more profitable & fun business.

Some of the ways we do this are:

Here are some of the epic guests who have been on the podcast.

The Team

James Rose

Co-founder - Marketing & Operations

Mark Beljaars

Co-founder - Product & Development

Paul Ovechkin

Lead Backend Developer

Alex Zaitsev

Backend Developer


Slava Vyacheslav

Backend Developer


Bernie Santos-Ocampo


Marina Lovejoy-Black

Customer Success & Social Media


Julio Cesar

Customer Success

Kathryn Yanchycki


Content Snare serves customers across more than 60 countries in a variety of industries to save valuable time and reduce frustration. If you'd like to give it a try, hit the signup button below.

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