Time is precious, waste is senseless: Here's how we do out part.

Sustainability Policy

We started Content Snare to help businesses collect information from people they work with much faster. 

We’d been there ourselves, endlessly chasing clients for information. Nothing agitated us more than all the time wasted on exactly that.

Truth be told, the whole reason we’re in the automation business is because we hate wasting time. And it’s not just time that we hate wasting… it’s everything

Doing more with less and avoiding waste is embedded in our company culture, our processes, and our expectations from one another — whether that means cutting the fluff in our content writing or ditching office space altogether to minimize our environmental impact. 

Here are a few ways that Content Snare strives for environmental sustainability day-to-day.

We’re fully remote  

Our team has been working fully remotely from all around the world well before it was cool. Not having a physical office space means no commutes, no idle electricity usage, and a huge reduction in work-related consumption.

We encourage sustainability at home

Just because we don’t have an office doesn’t mean we stop there. We share several energy conservation best practices and expectations with our employees during the onboarding process to encourage them to recycle, compost, minimize waste, and conserve resources like water, paper, and electricity while working from home. 

We choose online > physical, every time 

Since we operate 100% online, we have almost no physical assets beyond computer hardware. Even then, we are committed to only buying what we need, using devices for as long as we can and repairing them when things go wrong rather than upgrading for the sake of it. 

We’re paperless

Because we do all of our marketing online, we have no need for physical advertising and make every effort to be paperless. We don’t even have business cards! 

We work with companies that get it too

We use industry-standard hosting providers like Amazon and Google to run our applications, both of which are committed to sustainability as represented by their online policies. We also value collaborating with companies who share the goal of being lean businesses.